Still strong confidence in Futura’s Management!



Dear Tom

Many thanks for your email. This fundraise will allow us to complete topline data which is essential for us to drive value and further reduce risk with the product.

We fully appreciate that it is disappointing for existing shareholders to raise investment at this price but we had to raise it to provide certainty to the market that we could complete the Phase 3 programme otherwise we may have seen further share price erosion making the fundraising near impossible especially with turbulent market conditions and without it we could not proceed confidently with the phase 3 programme. This is the most de-risked our products have ever been in terms of development and we are focussed and determined to ensure that the share price starts to reflect this.

We remain fully committed to MED2002 and our pain relief portfolio and the commercial potential we believe exists with those products and now that we are funded we will ensure that we do everything we can to build value and restore confidence once again.

Thank you for your support and patience

Kind regards



Go and buy a lottery ticket as you have the same chance of success.


Sorry, I don’t gamble…give FUM 15 months and I will prove you wrong…


They have been going since 2004! The company and share price is an all time low!


True, and they are a 12 people company…not a big pharma with all the know -how in each field of operation inhouse available at all times. They had to hire negotiators for the med2002 discussions!!! James Barder is not superman but a passionate CEO, who is involved (also financially) in FUM. They have successfully developed TPR100, CSD500 and now they are pushing the crownjewel through phase 3…in about 15 months time we will see if they will hit the jackpot


Hi Pharmatom .
Are they in competition with Plethora which Jim Melon moved to his Regent Pacific Group .
I saw it but have had bad luck with P.B. thought it was a good idea at first but now think company’s might go when they can not raise traditional way .


Not sure, but Is plethora not about premature ejaculation? You first need an erection before a premature ejaculation… imagin you need both topical gels!!!:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


How did i get talked into such an investment that broker caught be when i had to much on lol :roll_eyes:


Thanks for sharing the correspondence. Always good to know there is some level of communication and hopefully positive news from here on in.