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No! Should I?

Good luck with your top up!


Thanks SaraRacano.
Top 100 riser this mourning glad i took it out of bank more return in one day then any acc i know in one year.
What are you doing with your cash ?


Remember you have only made your profit once you sell. Tesco has hit 193p, in two trading sessions this week. This is just a re-bound. Sometimes you get lucky, take the luck.

What am I doing with my cash? I am enjoying living, enjoying the mid winter Grazalema sunshine (20c) crazy!!! What it is to know you´re alive. No I am not amazingly rich, just don´t live my life accumulating money, thinking I am immortal! It´s cat´s life!


Looks lovely … you could make the profit remark about a loss ?
If i was there i wouldn’t be looking at share prices and posting on here why are you ?


I am in a little agricultural village “Algodonales”, they all harvesting the olives. It should be a bumper crop with incredible rainfalls this year. It´s dirt cheap to live here! Equity markets are entwined with political events so it´s always a good idea to keep your eyes on financial markets. I just like to have a little fun, I just see so many crazy posts on here, people trying to make money, that look like they should be some where else.

The concepts of (personal) greed should first be evaluated before hitting equity markets. Those that have inclination for less greed should fare far better!


You seem so clever why West Ham ?
Hope you win tomorrow do you like karen ?


I am not clever I just think outside the box & examine other vairables which may not necessarily be considered by other players. It´s a very much gambling culture.

  1. Your own personal, psychology of greed. How greedy are you as a person? If you are less of a greedy character, my own hunch is that you are likely to be more successful. You could do a probabilty/chance ratios The fear of loss over the desire of success.

  2. Envy, jealousy & risk taking. Are people more successful that don´t have these traits? Living life through your own eyes rather than being imprisoned through others. Those that refuse to borrow (perhaps through insecurity) & save up for things (leverage with shares).

Someone gave me their season ticket once, a long, long time ago when pitches used to resemble mud baths. I don´t Karen Brady!!! She is just the mouth piece of Sullivan/Gold. From the people who have actually met her, she doesn´t appear to have the same persona as she does in public. It´s all PR & highly corrupt (that´s football)


Your smart , the traits i might have the last one, i hate the first two.
You do not look old enough to remember muddy pitches.
Thank you for your posts send more lovely photos of Grazalema.


Just had a look long term ( longish ) June 2017 168p… July 2018 rise to 260p .
55 % …
Shorter’s short term maybe …