Sub contractor " Sino 2 " alluvial profits for XTR due on November 1st



After that dodgy start by my Halifax account to get a quote I see two trades appeared same time as each other as shadow sell trades . Aye , the Market Makers ( MM’s ) have many tools in their box to unsettle investors . Just wondering if Mr.Colin Bird has another BUY order to fill like he’s done twice before when XTR Market Cap drops just below where we are now .

Should get our alluvial sub contractor Sino 2 ,Q3 alluvial results tomorrow with sale of gold being done in Dubai in recent quarters meaning RNS issued one month after end of quarter .

Hope news regarding hard rock processing from Guy Fawkes area is included with Omnia itching to get their hard rock processing plant generating revenue it wouldn’t surprise me . A nice 50% / 50% profits split would surely re-rate XTR with any figures quoted since we know cherry picking of Guy Fawkes was passed by Mr.Colin Bird as OK to do .

Many long term investors have seen the huge gap ups in share price but take a look only six months back you could buy shares around the 0.7p /share mark and slightly before that 0.5p /share . So we’re trending upwards on fundamentals and an ever increasing revenue stream . Just glad I kept my long term hold shares since it’s those who sold out completely that’ll be driving the share price up when news arrives . An AIM listed company expanding in the copper / gold market debt free , money in the bank and … maybe first hard rock revenue income . Regardless of the last part hard rock income will be coming our way very soon hence enjoy the ride or should I say uptrend .


With Q1 2019 sub contractor , Sino 2 alluvial results announced via RNS - May 1st 2019 . Then Q2 2019 sub contrator , Sino 2 alluvial results announced via RNS - August 1st 2019 . I was expecting Q3 2019 sub contractor , Sino 2 alluvial results to be announced November 1st 2019 along with many others .

Ironic how we already know the 1st months production of Q3 from the Q2 2019 RNS - August 1st 2019 in which it’s stated , " total alluvial mining production for the month of July alone is expected to be around 14.50Kg , which is the second best month in terms of production for 2019 and at current gold prices the best month in terms of revenue accrued to Explorator for 2019 " . This was also the first month of processing alluvials from the chicken farm area where there was less overburden and higher grade gold to be found . Hence even though unhappy with losing the pattern of results delivery date not to worried along with it being favourable weather throughout Q3 2019 .

So why the delay ? … we didn’t find out the amended terms with Nexus of alluvial profit spilt from 60% - 40% to 50% - 50% for many months after this agreement was reached . What we are aware of is that another alluvial contractor wants to work the alluvials at Manica hence an entry fee has to be paid for them to do so . That may be part of the hold up since that may already have agreed and they may already be on site processing alluvials . Nonetheless the Q£ 2019 , alluvial results are due .

Then there’s the hard rock at Guy Fawkes that Omnia have to process in their hard rock plant which would be easy to do since cherry picking of rich pickings was agreed with Mr.Colin Bird to bolster Omnias bank balance along with a 50% - 50% profit split with no Nexus involvement bolster Xtract Resources bank balance too .

These are the two obvious causes of Q3 2019 alluvial profit results delay to me . On the other hand good news is due hence delivered on a Friday may have less of an impact on Market Cap than an earlier day in the week … brrrrr … with so much good news due in coming weeks , months that’s not really a solid reason to alter what has been a consistent delivery of alluvial profits results to share holders but everything looks good just need patience in mean time .


Thanks for the summary DS. Always welcome. Looking forward to Monday, we must be due some good news after England’s result today :frowning: