Summary cont


  1. Joint Venture

“As part of its growth strategy, and to facilitate some of its major project opportunities, Westminster has also now established two new European subsidiaries strategically located in Germany; Westminster Group GmbH, a 100% subsidiary of Westminster Group Plc, and Westminster Sicherheit GmbH, which has a 15% minority holding by strategic investors who will help provide financial and structural support for some of the major project opportunities.”

We now know this subsidiary is based in Munich. Why? Well it just so happens that Munch airport is doing this?

Henry Spratt is one of our German Co directors. His LinkedIn profile has plenty of corporate finance / banking people on his ‘people also viewed’…

Not to mention, his other co Bristol York “works with high growth companies to achieve their operating goals.”
There have been links to Oman on his profile

  1. Adverts for French Speaking staff. Why French? Because Thales a French company have installed the IT security systems at Muscat.

The Hon. Sir Michael Pakenham KBE, CMG Non-Executive Director at WSG has worked with Thales before?
“He has led work on the EU Security & Technology research project with Thales and IISS.”

  1. The timeline of RNS’s and Muscat’s delays in opening stack together perfectly.
    The latest RNS indicates sign off is imminent. Trials are nearly finished at Oman as they enter the home straight towards the opening on the 20th of March 2018.