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Posters on here will recall the discussion on this board about this broker and the wisdom and risk of using a smaller broker ( unable to find tread at present ) Interesting Article from the other site i said was very good .
I did think there was a lot of unnecessary scaremongering at the time.
I am hoping this particular poster has his facts right.
I promised to keep you all informed.

#468 14th Sep 19, 10:09 AM
Google “Administrators of collapsed wealth manager secure clients assets” and go to
As a new user I’m not allowed to post links.

“Administrators of wealth manager firm SVS Securities Plc which collapsed following the FCA investigation in August, have secured the client monies and custody assets.
They also reported a “significant interest” from firms, interested in having the clients’ assets transferred to them. Over 100 FCA-regulated firms showed interest in transfer.”

Haven’t seen this confirmed anywhere else yet.

Just found the link it was on… the last comment was from Westlock 28th august .
Six chapters/ treads below this one at present.
“LLOYDS is going to FLY”
UK Companies
Lloyds Banking Group

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Thanks Peter , seems others only interested in bad news and scaremongering.
Looks to me if the 85k limit will be ample.