TBM journey



After loading at Kehl on the 8th Feb. The TBM components travelled 400miles slowly up the Rhine to Rotterdam. Transferred to a carrier ship for the trip to Teesport. Estimated to dock tonight at 23.30GMT.
Can’t wait to see more photos from Sirius and lorry procession to site. IB


The EEMS CARRIER is docked at Teesport and ready for offload to British soil.
Fingers crossed for safe hoisting and journey to site IB


Sirius confirm post that the first tunnelling TBM has been transferred to site today, Saturday 16th February, 2019. Delivered safely all ready for assembly at Wilton International. It is the first time I have heard Sirius call Wilton site International. Nice work guys. IB


TBM arrival shown on local BBC news in Teesside


When I look at all the photos and video of the lorry transport to site. These parts are only the front 12metres of the TBM, which means the rest will be a lot more barges and cargo shipments. The TBM or tunnel factory on wheels is actually 225metres long and weighs up to 1800Tonnes. Only 5% here then! Come on Sirius give us the right info, we are not dummies. IB


A good news snippet on BBC Look North last night.
BBC film crew access showed the Launch tunnel at Wilton over 50metres in and progressing well in preparation for the TBM. IB


Link to Sirius TBM arrival videos for any one who has not seen it yet.