Team TW



And of course PJ your glass is empty, you sold any shares that you owned in the company many moons ago? Were you indeed ever a shareholder, or maybe you just get paid by TW?


TW isn’t in PJ’s league as far as stocks go.

Just finishing the cuban…and stiff bourbon.

I’ll bid you nighty night


It is my belief that many post on this site under different names and are not ordinary honest private investors .
All the dross posted to hide the likes of Kapelomi who might give a genuine opinion .


good reply mate that pj is just a PRICK best to ignore trolls like him he is one of those keyboard warrior types just filter him cheers toatie.


On the old site there was an ignore button, which seems to have gone.


He is in cahoots with Kalan. Notice when Kalan posts then PJ is away and vice versa. Yet none allegedly own FRR shares


What kind of idiot would invest on the back of a some post on a dodgy investment site made under the name of KICKMUCK.



Or even “booster11” :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Booster, still don’t know how old you are but I can have a stab at your mental age.
Just once, try and say something constructive. I know you may find it difficult but give it a try. You may surprise yourself, and of course, us.


I can still hear that pathetic little squeak


Burn baby burn


Funny how you investment experts are all losers living in a world of fantasy.


Those flames are really gonna sting Booster …


Yes booster…and all the clues were there.

Even ignoring the charts which obviously were telling the ‘real’ SP story…

Look at the fundamentals…

Were the company always open and honest …with good communication ?

Did the hundreds of millions of dollars spent achieve anything tangible ?

You could go on and on…but the retail investors preferred to swallow all they were fed over a pint…and a nod and a wink.

Full box…the box is full boys…

Mebbe…but the purse is also empty.


Funny how much time and energy the likes of Booster11 and PJ are putting in on the various BB’s at the moment to try and castigate LTH’s in FRR. One would almost think they have an alterior motive!!!


I have tried to resist entering the fray here but I have a few minutes to spare

So one huge Yawn

I have to agree that if neither of our two guests has a financial interest then the amount of time spent on here is very worrying. Worrying enough for them to seek specialist help. Or at perhaps join a club, do some charity work, get a bigger dog or even just get out a little more


Exactly, they have infected every discussion.
No reason to wonder why, its fairly obvious.

Just ignore. Simple.


Having looked at how much effort booster11 and pj are putting in on the bb’s advising all us igiots how futile our belief in FRR is. I come to the conclusion that they are both. . …


Ignore, hold and resist any urge to sell on the grey markets

Only a shorter that has done so much damage here already will benefit from us selling at a loss

Your welcome!


Well, they can have mine for 5p each. Yes, I know, selling myself short but I can’t help feeling sorry for the homeless (or more accurately, the soon to be homeless).

Cygnus 7


Nothing is done until it’s done. FRR is far from done, the latest emails clearly show Hope was in breach of his director duties. Of much more significance is getting fresh funds into the company and then a relist.
I was 99% sure I’d lost all my money Dec 24th and now im fairly confident FRR will relist within 6 months.
Good luck.”
100% hope you are right Fozzer and good luck to you too.


You sir are weird!

That’s not blowing hot and cold like our friend thefozzer that spent so long on advfn he caught something

No sir

You is weird

I think you might have summat bad like bipolar disorder, you should go and see the doc