The conundrum



The results are for the full year so we should see more detail.

It’s a simple waiting game regarding MED so I’m not expecting any news there. But I’m hoping for a good update on TPR. I still think the new trademark “Dermamax” applied for by Thornton & Ross relates to TPR and the application has recently been published ……….

……… so we’re about a couple of months off registration. And I still think the application was due to positive responses from the MHRA which may be touched upon in the results. If so, this could have a significant positive impact in that it shows Thornton & Ross’s commitment (unlike previous partnerships) and could pave the way for a decent milestone payment on approval and also the possibility of further regional deals for TPR with Thornton & Ross a likely candidate given their commitment to the UK deal. In turn this could solve any part 2 Phase 3 MED funding issues but I think positive part 1 results will see MED (or FUM as a whole) being sold anyway.


I honesty expect an update on cashburn due to P3, (Negative)

Then they will just repeat all is running well and expected TRP late summer and P3 still on track.

This is really a wait game until Q4’18.


Yep, I think there really is nothing to add until we get those results on phase 3.

It totally depends on getting good phase 3 results. By that I mean clinical relevant scores being achieved with statistical significance for mild and mild to moderate group of patients.

If we could get the moderate group too, that would be the icing on the cake for me.

Not too bothered about the severe cases as they tend to bring in lower amounts of sale volumes (less frequent action!, maybe once or twice a month if they’re lucky)

We really need to get the mild, mild to moderate and moderates… These are the groups that will drive the sales for any company purchasing the asset.


Interesting burst of buying interest today pushing the sp a little further north :clap::clap:


Any significance in Thornton and Ross recruiting development scientist for formulation? Probably just coincidence.


To pour cold water on my own hunch, Stadas 2018 annual rep highlights 750 MMAs. Looks like they had 700 approvals.


Do you have a link / reference ?



We are currently have a vacancy for someone to join our product development team. This is an exciting opportunity to be part of an ambitious, fast-growing pharmaceutical company whose success is built on quality, consumer focus and an innovative mind set.

The role is varied but you will focus primarily on product formulation and development of new and existing pharmaceutical, medical device and cosmetic products across a diverse product range, including gels, creams, ointments, solutions and suspensions.

Managing a small team of experienced staff we are looking for highly motivated applicants who can work well both in a team and individually.

Essential Skills / Experience

• Relevant scientific degree qualification
• Previous experience in an R&D environment
• Knowledge of the requirements for formulation development in the pharmaceutical, medical device or cosmetic industry
• A positive attitude and a willingness to get the job done
• Clear verbal and written communication skills
• Excellent problem solving abilities


I can’t help but feel today’s drop was linked to N4P.

Quite a few speculators put money in both FUM and N4P and today’s sudden drop in N4P May have led some to sell here to “average down” in N4P.

Offcourse I’m only speculating!


Could well be, this drop was significant it seems. Oh well, tomorrow will be a good day, I heard that JB’s wife now decides which tie he is allowed to wear…and he feels just fine cause he knows the foundation for a billion deal is imminent…:slight_smile:


She might even let him pick which Ralph Lauren shirt he wears, if he’s lucky


Underwhelmed by the results, especially the explanatory comments. “Viagra in a condom” appears to have shot its bolt while pain relief is still jam tomorrow.

Unimpressed, as is the market


I think it’s pretty safe to say it all really does boil down to the phase 3 trials.

So come on board if you are happy to wait till December.

I suspect more people will start to jump onboard as the headline results date approaches.

Until then not much to really discuss on this one.

Gone are the days of conspiracy theories!

Good luck all! We will come out of this financially better off !!


Yes I agree. It’s a long and winding road!


Completely agree Aberdeen. The long wait is nearing closure (one way or another).

No doubt there will be some swings along the way, but what else is new?

Feeling confident in the end game on this one.

GLA, See you all at the BA lounge, cigars and beers at the ready!


Did you see how crazy that tie was :joy:…JB is clearly on a final path of confidence!!!
Starting next September we will see the share price climbing towards december when numbers will be revealed…however, not sure TPR will get an approval by the end of Q2, more likely end Q3 or even Q4


I personally thought he wasn’t very upbeat… though all hes doing is repeating the same old stuff which is boring now. He also looks alarming grey suddenly? maybe the stress of it all is taking it toll…


On the contrary JB was very upbeat on a deal being struck and we all know where that ended up.

My point being this… that coming across confident or not is meaningless I have found.

What does matter is the phase 3 trials are an absolute hit, and given the safety data so far it looks very promising!

If we can get the 0.6 percent dose through these trials without any serious adverse effects it could form the basis for our high dose and perhaps the 0.4 percent as the lower dose.

Come on FUM!! Let’s bring happiness to the faces of men and women all over the world!!!


Recruitment on track and absolutely flying by the looks of it!