The conundrum



All coverage welcome and hopefully this will filter through.

I notice Thornton & Ross getting some coverage in the Mail ……………

I think the green light for TPR (aka Dermamax?) will trigger increased interest from Thornton & Ross / Stada for the whole job lot of FUM. Just a hunch.


I’ve been having a look at the complications of when a trademark gets opposed by a company.

Basically Thornton and Ross have two months to file a counter statement to the opposition, if this isn’t done within the two months they take it that they’re not bothered about opposing it.

Then both companies disputing the trademark build their evidence for a case, then basically a decision is made.

It also says ‘Trade mark opposition is a lengthy process and it usually takes years for the Registrar to pass orders on the opposition.’

So we’ll have to keep our eye on that.

Anyway a good day for the share price today after the news articles, lets hope it continues.


Thornton and Ross MUST have done their due diligence when coming up with a name. This will not have been a surprise to them.
The first thing you do, is your own homework and search for names that sound similar etc and then make a decision based on your findings.
The fact they (Thornton and Ross) proceeded with it must mean they are confident (IMHO)


Can anyone access futuras website this morning? I can’t seem to get on.


I’ve just tried and can’t get on.



Liberum Capital Initiates/Starts 60p

“The bullish assessment sent the company’s shares up 8.4% to 24.7p in mid-morning, a 140% discount to Liberum’s target price.”


Recruitment has now been completed, great news.


Extremely pleased that recruitment has been completed.
Also extremely pleased that commercial discussions are continuing


Glass half full, what are potential positive news points, excluding med deal?
TPR approval
TPR brand registration by Thornton (would we know?)
TPR deal in other geographies
Confirmation of tax back (buys negotiating time if deal protracted)
Med phase 3 complete with no adverse affects


Still Opposed

13 May 2019


Possibly extending the patents on MED also?

“MED2005 is backed by strong patent protection which runs until August 2028 in the USA and August 2025 in Europe. An additional patent filing announced in 2017 could extend patent protection through to 2038. Further protection is offered by the EU 10 year data protection from date of first EU approval and in the USA under the Hatch-Waxman Act ability to extend protection beyond patent life. In addition to this MED2005 has very low cost of goods offering the potential for high margins.”


Maybe too greedy of me, but I expected a bigger rise today!


Is anyone attending the AGM next week?

Futura Medical plc (AIM: FUM) (“Futura” or the “Company”), a pharmaceutical company developing a portfolio of innovative products for sexual health and pain relief, announces that its Annual General Meeting (“AGM”) will be held at 10am on 24 June 2019 at the offices of Liberum at Ropemaker Place, 25 Ropemaker Street, London EC2Y 9LY.


Hi, Out of interest, from what news/information were you expecting a higher rise?


The FOMO effect, trial is proceeding faster than anticipated, Ken is sounding extremely bullish…but hey the rise today is already answering my question it seems…:slight_smile:


Okay, just making sure I hadn’t missed anything as only news I’d seen should already have been priced in.

Nice to see the rise continue prior to the AGM. Would be good to see it close above 30p.


You can’t complain today :wink:


Hope all of us long term share holders (and the more recent ones) have a bright future ahead of ourselves, and we look back at some of the old posts and chuckle to ourselves.
The good old days of conspiracy theories will soon be replaced with some solid news and we’ll all be much better off (fingers crossed)
Good luck all


Are we on the road towards 60p? #excitingtimes!

Only problem is that FUM is now more than 50% of my entire portfolio!!! #sleeplessnights :slight_smile: