The silence is deafening



Very disappointing


as I posted at the beginning of January it follows a familiar pattern which has now
been repeated again. Fowler gets everyone excited with a promise of good things
to come; there’s a surge in the sp; then it all goes flop.

from what I recall without checking its been going on like this for at least a couple
of years since he primed us with the Great Ferry Enterprise in Sierra Leone which
was going to be a match winner but has now disappeared without trace.

As I posted a while ago I have pared back to retain a small holding but certainly not
in topping up mode until some real news breaks.


Nice movement today but can’t see why and no news to support it


Maybe someone has got wind of impending announcement?


Seriously does there need to be news? we all know what is going on and it is only a matter of time before they announce the contract. Just sad I missed this jump today.