Thinking ahead



…and just in case. Has anyone given any thoughts as to what may happen to the FRR BB on ii if and only IF we are delisted in 2 weeks time? Will ii remove FRR from their site entirely at that point? Do we need a contingency plan to keep our discussions going? Sure would like to keep tabs on everyones inputs if the worse case does arise…any thoughts!


I think LSE is the logical place - a lot of us have accounts there and / or view the BB there (and I know they keep the BBs on even after delist).


Yes was wondering about LSE. I have an account!


I’m not so keen on the lse format for chat as it’s a bit like being in a noisy pub at times and is lacking in structure, but Tapatalk can be used to set up a private forum. I’m a member of the forum for QFI and it is busier than all the other boards put together at the moment but the threads are much easier to navigate than this board, and it has the advantage that trolls can be shown the door.

If someone would care to step forward to set something up I’d be happy to act as one of the moderators, and would suggest that we have at least three to keep an eye on things and a couple of voluntary administrators to process membership applications (just like FOF really but with the chat facility added). We don’t need to go there at the moment but it would be good to have the platform established in readiness just in case II decide to put up the shutters soon after the next RNS.



Thanks ToT will look at Tapatalk. Just a bit of ‘insurance’ in case of the unthinkable!

ToT …While I’m on did you see that a new FRR/Hope date is pencilled in for Jan 17th. Just a short guidance session on the face of it. Have a look at the ‘Caymans Court Lists’ thread…any comments!



In a strange way, glad a court date has been fixed for next week. I believe this is a ‘directional’ hearing based on the submission of the information from both FRR and Hopeless. The Judge will provide some guidance based on this information. I still don’t know if Hopeless has submitted his defence in but the likelihood has to be high otherwise why pencil this court date? What we still don’t know is, what is his defence. Why did he shoot down financing proposals which would have protected the company, the employees, creditors and the shareholders? He cannot say because the terms were unfavourable to his Outrider Fund because that leads to a direct conflict of interest. He will also need to justify the corporate espionage with MND a few years back because this demonstrated he is a tarnished, corrupt Company Director for many years. This may be why FRR obtained the Discovery Order from the California Court. But nevertheless, let’s see what he has to say for himself and his Fund.

Then there is still so much undisclosed info we are not privy to, such as ‘illegal interference with the company’. What does this mean? And what evidence has FRR accumulated.

After the 17th Jan meeting, we will have a clear picture on whether we are heading for a settlement or a trial. For Hopeless, $56m damages claim may force him to the table. On one hand, I want SN to wipe him out and on the other an out of court settlement would be better.

An ideal solution for me would be to secure the new financing to repay Outrider but to continue with the Fiduciary case against him and OMF.



ToT et al.

Have set up a basic Tapatalk site FRR post de-listing. Still trying to work through the setup process and getting my head round the way it works. Hopefully if the worse comes to the worser (!) we will be able to get back together and communicate. Link below:




Also joined






I’m in.


Someone has already taken my username from here … that’s suspicious …


Yes, also joined. Let’s hope we do not need it !



Call yourself gotreal1 so we know it’s you


Well done Eyeson. I think you are going to be pretty busy dealing with all the membership applications. I’ve been out all day but have just applied. For some reason it won’t let you put spaces in your user name (unlike the QFI forum on Tapatalk) so I am going to be known as TheOldTrout.

Can I suggest that we keep all discussion on the public boards for now in order to reduce Eyeson’s workload and maintain focus whilst we remain a listed stock? If we are to continue with the private forum I think you will need some assistance from a number of moderators in order to maintain a bit of decorum and focus, but we can address that IF this board is shut down, as long as enough people have registered beforehand.

Now to catch up with the other threads…



Cheers ToT am trying to learn fast. If I get stuck I’ll call for HELP!



I have registered as gotreality FYI …


Jan 17th is my birthday. Bad things will not happen.


bear Don’t be looking for a birthday present off ZAZA you have seen what his Christmas presents are like LOL.