Tipped... S.P



Nice price stabilization recently together with new large buys!
Looks like someone is keen to establish a decent 3-month average. Always good to have that in the backhand for future financial negotiations :))

  • next bullish signal comes if 9.30p is climbed (mid price)
  • the current rebound could go as high as 9.95 where the price will likely bounce
  • IF indeed the 9.98 barrier is climbed, then new long term buy signal with a first target of 11.70p
  • the current consolidation looks similar to the PI sharehype/crash in March, so that ARS could see a few weeks wobble within 7.80 - 9.50 i.o. to stabilize
  • IMHO it remains safe to hold as long as 7.70-8.30 is maintained


A bit quiet at the eastern front?
MACD suggest the weeklong sideways consolidation is slowly coming to an end. Give it one or two more weeks or so…


Mid price 9.75

Knocking on heavens door now, and the oversold MACDs now returning to neutral and to bullish.
9.30p sent the first buy alert, with a sure thing confirmation when 9.75 - 9.89p are climbed.
Then quick rise to about 11.65p+


Is this the only “dog” in my portfolio?


Seems like new life in here:

  • new positive signal if 10.40p are climbed
  • long term bullish if 10.80 - 11.00 are climbed
  • then could see the mentioned 13 ish and 19 ish target

Puhh, what has taken you so long!!? :))


“…Liberium Capital advisors initiated coverage today of Asiamet Resources with a BUY and a target price of 20p.”


Ramped on SP… Malcolm Stacey again today.


Another placing RNS…@ 4.25p.
November 2015 the price was 1.30 on chart ( Maybe consolidation , that placing maybe 1.4 p equivalent ? ) Up to 11.75p when share PROPHETS stacey ramped it in march ??
On there news but no blog .


You still about , i was looking at my history with this share and saw your post around the time i was thinking of buying it.
In hindsight what a great buy it would of been .
Your friend was a good one :grinning:
You “were new to it” how did you fair out of interest


looking at an old portfolio and see i was minded to by this @ 1.28p on 6th March 2016 .
The placing i mention above 6th Nov 2015 must of been @ 1.4p ( not as simple when expressed in pounds )
What a good buy that would of been , checked to see if a consolidation had taken place but seems not.
Now its 7p did get to 14p at one point. ( not so good for those caught on the spike )
But that’s AIM.
The earlier tips from share Prophets very good Robert Tyerman , but the later one in March 2018 by Malcolm Stacey here you would be down 50% they must put him up as the office fool .
But more like one big conspiracy between them.
Must of been a good time to buy this sector 2016 as two others JAY and FOG also did very well.


Came across a load of babble from vox markets, ramping this one they must be all in it together see below an Australian view of AIM market .
16th March 2018 14p … 14th September 2018 10p… 21st December 2018 3.7p ( Nice Christmas present for some )
3 May 2019 7.5p …( Doubled lol )… 20th December 2019 1.9p ( Christmas again for some )

The AIM market normally only issues a Trading Halt when a company is about to go into administration/liquidation/receivership etc, is my understanding.

For every other event the company has to release all available info to the market and let the market decide.

It’s like the cut price budget version, where rogues abound, allegedly.