Tipped today as a speculative buy



As a subscriber to City Confidential tip sheet, and a recent investor in Sirius, I thought you may all be interested to hear that it’s been tipped in todays edition:-

Readers who are looking for something that is more of a gamble may care to cast an eye over Sirius
Minerals (22p). Although the company, which is quoted on AIM, has interests in North America and
Australia, in reality its main focus is on the development of a potash deposit in North Yorkshire. As most
readers will know, potash is an essential ingredient in fertiliser, and with world demand for foodstuffs
growing all the time as the global population increases, so does the need for fertiliser and the potash
which is a key ingredient.
The group has discovered what it believes to be the world?s largest deposit of polyhalite, a mineral that
contains potash, and it is currently in the process of conducting a detailed study of how to produce this.
The group revealed earlier this week that there is an inferred mineral resource estimate of 2.2bn tonnes of
the mineral, an increase of 70% over the previous estimates. Although there are no guarantees of success
and there is plenty of work to do with regards to both operations and funding, this means the scope for
upside is considerable.
Next month a planning application to mine under the North Yorkshire Moors will be submitted and this is
crucial. Should this application be successful a feasibility study will be completed and this would ultimately
result in a fundraising next year if everything goes to plan. The potential value of the project means that
investors at the current stage could be very well rewarded.
Historic fi nancials are somewhat irrelevant given the fact that it will be at least 2016 before the mine
will be in production. Further funding will be essential to progress to the production stage but existing
shareholders will be keen to ensure they are not unfairly diluted, particularly with Chief Executive Chris
Fraser owning 8.5%. This aligns the goals of management and shareholders and should ensure that
if serious shareholder value is created then those who buy in now will benefi t. We rate the shares as a


hI kapelomi
Just had a look at what you post on , looks like you saw this one before me think i bought in 2015 .
You do not hold many different shares it appears i have never heard of City Confidential any good ?


Hi Ripley, I no longer subscribe to City Confidential not even sure it’s still in print. It served a purpose for me at the time but I found that it concentrated mainly on smaller companies, many of which failed to make it. Yes I’ve been in Sirius for many years now through all the permitting process and now construction. If ever I held a “banker” share then I do believe this to be the one. With regards to shares, and posting, although over the years I’ve held many ( currently only about 25) I have never been a prolific poster. Generally happier just to follow the boards and quietly chuckle at some of the comments.


Thank you kapelomi
I used to just read but occasional you come across a genuine sounding poster , i found you cant trust advise of brokers ( maybe its the type i use )
I was encouraged with this one when i discovered by chance only this summer a friends father also had and was very confident .
He shares your view on it , only looks at his shares couple of times each year unaware and not interested in price movements !!
He is friends with his broker ( a posher higher fees one ) so i think he would be contacted if a CA occurred .


I guess with brokers they want you to “buy” or “sell” in order that they make a commission. If you lose money many don’t really care…it’s just unfortunate…luck of the draw or poor timing. I used to hold a PEP (now an ISA) and allow them to manage it for me, but always felt that the results were not good so converted it to a self select ISA a few years ago and honestly feel that I’ve fared a lot better. true I’ve had some failures but overall I’m still in profit. Have been investing in various markets for about 50 years now, and still feel that they all are “a bit of a gamble” . In fact my very first share purchase turned out a failure…the company went bust…and…would you believe it was Rolls Royce! It didn’t put me off however and I’ve had many successes since…fortunately!


I have had at least three go bust last 12 months alone considerable loss in two of them bigger exposure then normal result of averaging down , one a brokers suggestion .
I noticed yesterday there are others i share with you .
I have hundreds so not a surprise.
Friends father only has a few unlike me if he gets and idea he runs it past his friend at Redmayne Bentley wise way i thought.
After talking to him about SXX i followed him into another he had SAV another miner he liked.


Hey Ripley,
how on earth did you find his old post from Nov 2012. Great read, very amusing to see what reporters thought then, Production in 2016, what a laugh. cheers IB.


Hi icebilly
Not difficult :thinking:
The purpose was to chat to Kapelomi i found him sensible on another board and was pleased he was invested here.
Also interesting this is one of two that loads decided to keep when selling most of his holdings he posted.
Not sure of your view on it ?


20.16p today its been falling noticed its in most traded shares list last few days .
My last top up i see below @ 19p.
( under 20p breach !! )


shares just reached 21p, moving nicely thank you. A good report and News must be n the way. IB


Fund raise book build between 15p & 18p approx i read.
Share down 18%
Spoke to David his broker had sent on report he liked it.
Has about 50% more stock then me , he was in much cheaper and has never sold any.
( G ) advised wait yesterday i ignored him and set limit for 17p .
" if it comes in at 15p its not going to hold 18p 20% above "

Lucky it did not lift yesterday as Rns 7am raise was @15p set limit for 15.5p and 3/4 approx lifted at low point 8.30am… do not think remainder will lift now buys around 16.5p.


Exactly, wait for things to settle down and all the news to be taken in.
Buy on the open offer and hold,
hold for production ramp up 2021-2024.


This forum has to be the worst ever designed to facilitate discussion. They don’t even post the time of the post - it just says “2h”.

The discussion boards on the old iii platform worked really well, and were active. However, I simply can’t be bothered with this crappy version - and it appears most others can’t, either.

Unfortunately, the main alternatives, LSE and Advfn, are both populated by morons and rampers / derampers.

It’s all rather depressing (and today’s SP plunge hasn’t exactly helped).


It has been designed to deal with Topics rather than general continuous chit chat, it is a shame good posters moved away. IB


Quite agree. Very sad day when the old iii platform went. This one is pretty useless.


Sliced that top of 8 days back @ 17.55p … strait through on a 17.5p limit thats a sign shes going higher lol
So much for the shares being "Anchored down " @ the open offer price of 15p !!! …up 9% to 19p yesterday .


I was too late for the open offer but still in the blue


Hey, what’s the impact of the open offer price of 15p should I buy shares in Sirius for the first time tomorrow. Would those shares be subject to the 22 for 1 (ordinary for new ordinary) share swap? Thank You


They did come off but not below 16p… tomorrow last day ( W ) .
inter sting to see if the excess would of been worth going for , imagine not many spare.
( D ) Took payment yesterday , it has dropped back to 16.8p next day Thursday.


Bought that slice of just 9 days ago back for 16p it went higher then my 17.55p slice to 19p one day after and i thought i had made a mistake .
Looks like the remark Anchored was a good one.
The funds have been taken for the 15p OO offer no need I guess for those behind the offer to keep the price up .