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Putting aside small issue of Greek self-harming politics…

HotStockRockets share tips of the year 2015 No 1 ? Buy Minoan at 10.25p

By HotStockRockets | Wednesday 31 December 2014

Minoan (MIN) shares have taken a Christmas beating thanks to Greece where the buffoons in charge have contrived to ensure that the country faces another General election in late January. The market has over-reacted and that makes the shares at 10.25p (a market cap of £17 million) the first HotStockRockets share tip of the year 2015.

Minoan?s Travel & Leisure business will not be affected by the comedy turned farce turned tragedy that is Greek politics. It is trading very strongly indeed and should book an easily well into 7 figures for the year to October 2015. On a low double digit multiple that underpins the current market cap. Moreover the company has the resource to complete more bolt on acquisitions this year which could add materially to T&L profits as the infrastructure is in place to almost double the size of the business.

Where Minoan has Greek exposure is via its ownership of the proposed resort at Cave Sidero in Crete. This has been subject to planning delays for so long that few can remember when the whole process started. It has been a sort of Greek classical story with twists turns, hydras and lions at every turn. But we are now almost at the finishing line. All that is now needed is Presidential sign off.

But bloody hell the Greeks are having an election. For an assessment of its impact see this bearcast from Tom Winnifrith (almost a Greek resident these days) which is HERE.

The key point is that Cave Sidero has all party support so whoever wins the decree should be given. This project is worth a multiple of the share price and as soon as final consents are given we expect Minoan to gain material interest from outside investors. Right now CS is in the share price at virtually nothing ? that will clearly change when consent is given which should be within months if not weeks.

What if Greece leaves the Euro? Well that might create uncertainty but we think it would be great news for Minoan. Suddenly holidays in a country which has returned to an ever devaluing drachma would be cheap once again and that would make CS an even more attractive asset.

We think the political jitters have been massively overdiscounted in the Minoan share price and at 10.25p it is our first tip of the year.



Quite right…keep your eye on the underlying business. Results for the last 12 months ended Oct 14 probably less than 6 weeks away. Interims told a good story, with profitable continuing into Q3.

I don’t believe Greece is in the price at all but the Market will always have a go.

Best wishes for 2015



SP Tip .
Again yesterday even after big fall yesterday.


still heading down… affected by brexit ??? weak £


And again by TW share prophets.
"Gold going up he thinks " hes a holder !
Maybe the reason its up 8% today.


Profit warning in the summer stating brexit will be bad for them.

And decline in tourism in Turkey .

Well the shooting on new years day, in nightclub by terror group will not help with that.


fallen back.


Good luck to all here :slight_smile: up 65%
Seems they got planning permission ( In Greek share prophets site )
Had failed limit buy @ 5.9 Tuesday which i had dropped from 6 which would of dealt .
This was always talked up by Tom winnifrith good for all those who trust him .


RNS… Reports in media … Greek supreme court … wouldn’t you think someone from the company would be there ? what am i missing ?
Hope TW didn’t sell on spike .


whats happened here 14% fall ? Did this court news ever turn up ?


Being ramped yet again my Nigel Somerville if they are not trading this … lol
The newspaper story’s of court win must of been a joke.


RNS … Placing @ 9p Nigel posted bit "disappointing " Very strange the court ruling papers never showed up.


Notice SVS recommended buy on 24th two days after . they must have been involved fund raise .bought a batch to hold in principle and flog em to punters at profit claiming annalist research … lol
Guess they flogged em @ 10.5p


Ramped again by hot stocks rocket saturday ( On SP )
They must of put tip out to subscribers Friday and is why it gained 10% to 8.77p. ?
Been hanging about around 7.5p after drop from recent placing.
No apology since they posted the court news ?


They managed to get this Good RNS early when i checked @ 7.30 am . Unlike halo last week which was not up until 9am. Might be coincidence.


Share price has dropped back to 9p… saw a buy trade @ 8.75p
It has not got “off the blocks” even after the long awaited news was confirmed eventually .


Even further down @ 9 am this morning.


Had limit with ( D ) 8.55p all day yesterday and all this morning not lifting . cheap but they don’t do “over the counter” they tell me.
Went on ( S ) sale money available… and took 1st live offer 8.36 p
That’s 2.3% cheaper .
All these brokers are at in one way or another .


Tipped on (SP) & hot stocks Friday it fell a little.


SP … highlights Midas Mail on Sunday today…they give it a nice right up.
"Highly adventurist may chose sign up "
So that must be my style lol