todays movements



And some more same amount ( T ) @ 5.8p ( Average there now 6.25p )
The buy again shown as sell .


Hello everyone, just so you all know about Waste2Tricity how they could affect AFC.

From Waste2Tricity web site.

Development Programmes
In addition to its Deployment Projects Waste2Tricity also uses its expertise to advance development programmes to maximise returns for its shareholders.

Facilities generating electricity by way of high temperature gasification (and thus producing clean syngas) have the potential to produce renewable hydrogen by separation from the syngas stream. This can in turn power new generation developmental fuel cells. The introduction of hydrogen fuel cells, replacing internal combustion engines/gas turbines, could increase system efficiency by up to an estimated 70%.

Waste2Tricity has selected AFC Energy’s fuel cell system as having the greatest potential to be the most efficient, low cost technology for generating electrical power from gasified waste and in a £1 million deal, Waste2Tricity has acquired the exclusive deployment rights (for use in energy-from-waste applications) for AFC Energy fuel cells in the UK. For more on the W2T/AFC tie up.

Waste2Tricity is also working with AIM quoted, PowerHouse Energy Group plc. PHE has developed the innovative PHE G3-UHt waste-to-energy, ultra-high temperature gasification reactor technology together with auxiliary waste and power solutions. This technology provides a mechanism to dispose of a wide range of waste streams by using them as feedstock that can be converted to synthesis gas (syngas) which in turn can be used to generate electricity for export to the grid or for use within an enterprise. Importantly the PHE gasifier has a small footprint and a commercial size starting at 25 tonnes a day, making them suitable for deployment at enterprise or community level. Having invested years into leading-edge scientific research and development, spending millions of dollars in testing and optimizing the core gasification technology, PowerHouse Energy is on the cusp of delivering its first commercial facilities to the world.



Looking like it might fall to 5p today


But limit of 5p went strait through @ 4.99p ( D ) .
Buy is showing correctly on this share others look as if correct.
Best price of day buys at close 5.05p


Hi Loads
“Hello everyone, just so you all know about Waste2Tricity how they could affect AFC.”

I do not and i i guess its the same for many others maybe you can explain ?


LOL! Death spiral convertible time!


Up 45% to 5.3p today.
Rns on holdings.
Been trying to top up @ 3p all last week another good trade that got away :persevere:


Agreed. I thought it was just the holdings RNS showing Shroders keeping the faith too, and was looking to add on that. However, due to the change in so many financial sites recently i missed this vital RNS:

30 April 2019 AFC Energy PLC

AFC Energy Signs Collaboration Agreement with Rolec Services for the Design and Distribution of Integrated EV Charging Fuel Cell Systems

AFC Energy, today announces it has signed a non-binding collaboration agreement with Rolec Services Limited (“Rolec”) setting out the terms of intent for both parties to design and assess integrated Electric Vehicle (“EV”) charging systems utilising the AFC Energy fuel cell system (“Collaboration Agreement”).


· Rolec, manufacturer of Europe’s largest range of EV charging solutions operating across over 40 countries, to partner with AFC Energy to design and deploy fully integrated fuel cell EV charging systems

· Integrated EV charging systems of varying sizes to be brought to market for the purpose of off-grid power generation, incorporating Rolec’s EV charging platform and AFC Energy’s fuel cell system

· Ultimate objective of the Collaboration Agreement is for the integrated system to be capable of sale and deployment across Rolec’s existing and AFC Energy’s emerging network of EV charging distributors and customers

· First demonstration system expected to be deployed in H2 2019

Under the terms of the Collaboration Agreement, AFC Energy and Rolec will work together to design an off-grid EV charger in response to the recent and forecast rapid growth in EVs. This follows government initiatives across industrialised countries towards a decarbonised, electrified transportation sector.

Since AFC Energy’s EV charger prototype was demonstrated in January 2019, growth in commercial enquiries for the system across both the UK and internationally has meant collaboration with an established market leader in this space creates new opportunities for both organisations.

AFC Energy and Rolec will work towards a single integrated turnkey product that delivers a customer friendly interface. This will enable an off grid, zero emission power system at a time when the grid is emerging as a limiting factor in the deployment of EVs.

AFC Energy and Rolec will define a series of customer driven products which will be modular and allow EV charging from a base unit for two vehicles, up to a larger mass-scale deployment. Under the Collaboration Agreement, a reference system will be delivered which will be capable of deployment on a temporary basis for marketing and business development purposes.

Tom Pollard, General Manager - Rolec EV, said “Rolec is increasingly seeing the availability of power, particularly at the end of grid or in off grid applications as a material obstacle. Governments and industry will need to overcome this to achieve their goals for EV deployment over the coming years. This collaboration with AFC Energy is about exploring ways of responding to this challenge in a “first mover” environment where power is generated on-site in a fully sustainable manner. We intend this to be the commencement of a long-term relationship with AFC Energy and look forwards to further demonstrating the capability of the integrated system over the coming months.”

Adam Bond, Chief Executive Officer at AFC Energy, said “The number of commercial enquiries received since announcing AFC Energy’s EV fuel cell charger system, CH2ARGE, earlier this year has clearly demonstrated the potential for the Company to capitalise on this growing market. Our collaboration with Rolec is a recognition of the industry’s desire to explore off grid EV charging solutions to meet a need already seen across several of Rolec’s local and international clients. AFC Energy’s EV charger is now one of our key markets for revenue generation and gives us an early mover advantage in penetrating the off-grid market.”

I think there must be more news to come because the cash on hand and added by Schroders and the loan facility alone only give them about 12 months more. A demonstration unit in H2 is great, but not bringing in the cash. There must be something else afoot for Schroders to have taken on an additional 14m shares, even if at only @3p. A number of other people were happy to take up the other half of the 27m+ share subscription also, it seems.


I thought so too, but there not quite in the coffin yet it seems.


Paid 4.5p for another batch today on pull back , that is a lot more then i was prepared to pay 10 days back .
Coffin !!!


15 % rise yesterday now above my last two top ups :grinning:


And another one on Friday. Definitely life here yet.


Was about to put limit slice in for last top up @ 5.9p … ask was 5.8p … last trade showed above that @ 5.9p ( D ) so chanced 6p and lifted within a min two parts .
A good sign of maybe heading higher ?

Did have a little spike hour and half after to 6.5p but then fell back below 6p


Another big jump today… Sadly I’m no longer in


Yes its just gambling hit 8.8p today before falling back .



Fell 11% today back to 5p


City insiders must of known and dealt Friday… placing today @ 4.8p lol.
In Hindsight should of sold the lot 24 days ago ( end of may time fly’s )
All trades show a sells today in history around 5.25p


Dropped back down to 4.53p … down 4% today .
I was trying to buy @ 3p last year referred to above 3rd May !!
Got aplenty around this level .