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I’m comfortably over 300,000 shares and will be here till the end

If we come good, watch out for a streaker in Aberdeen
If it doesn’t go as planned… well life goes on.


New poster but long term holder here. I’m not expert in pharma nor corporate finance so excuse my ignorance but wasn’t it always the case that FUM would need a rights issue to finance the next phase of testing? How could they raise that kind of money otherwise? Surely better to finance with rights issues than signing deals that weakens their bargaining position if the results are good.


Also increased my holding.

Re. the second bullet point in the RNS - it gives the ugly prospect of dilution but read another way may be meant to suggest that phase 3a is heading the right way. With around 3 months to the key RNS wouldn’t it have been easier for FUM to focus solely on phase 3a as they had stated previously. But instead 3b is already moving.

Re. the first bullet point and the 80% - I took it to mean that 80% of participants were happy to keep using the product for a further 6-12 months. Rather than they were disappointed and wanted to give the highest dose a try.

Ken James has always given me confidence, but, yes, it’s risky.

(I’m a novice so all comments welcome)


If big pharma won’t commit to MED2005 after phase 3a results then personally I would think the opportunity is dead.


Yes smashing.
There are some right thick people who have not realised that the trial is a blind trial and that any participants opting for the open label would not have known what they were taking.
Therefore I’ve seen some posters (on other boards) suggesting that the participants were not happy and therefore opted for the highest dose. It shows how much time people actually spend researching the companies they invest in.


Thanks for that.

How does MED2005 differ from Zanifil? (the CSD500 condom looked like a great product.)



I have to agree, I now won’t check other boards it’s full of dribble… idiots who invest based on a BB sentiment and other posters posts, the sell off here is escalated because of a sheep herd mentality, due to FUM day to day being PI trades. No wonder most PI’s loss money. I’m in till P3 read out, I’m a all or nothing type of person, like you say life goes on.


Zanfil used in the condom contains GTN but the bioavailability is likely to be less when compared to the dose in the med gel tubes.


Ok, thanks.
And why did the Zanifil condom fail? (seems a great idea)


Well you could come up with a whole host of reasons but the main one would be failed licensing partnerships


Ok, thanks.


Failure of csd: I believe that following/ during med phase 2 trials and discussions with larger interested parties, the larger pharma companies would not have been happy with having to compete with an alternative product that is part of the futura portfolio and therefore asked to drop. As zenefil was still a financial and time drain, I imagine futura agreed. Just pure speculation on my behalf.


Lastemporor- take advantage of herd mentality!


Ok, thanks, hadn’t really thought about it that way.
I assume CSD500 worked? (But a tube of the gel, with or without a condom, would be better)


Make sure you watch today’s Proactive investors interview with James Barder. My take is he’s quietly confident though acutely aware that a lot rides on good results.

The most interesting part of the interview was his response regarding 80% continuing on to the open label full strength dose.

As others have mentioned, an illiquid stock like FUM can move rapidly up or down. As far as I’m aware, the only institutional investor is LO and hence the vast majority of the trades seem to be coming from Private Investors. PI’s tend to be “in/out/shake it about” type investors when compared to II’s who tend to hold with a long term view. IMHO you need to learn to ignore the noise otherwise you could have sold your shares at 7p!!

I try to follow Warren Buffet’s rules of buying when all around are fearful and selling when all around are cocky (as long as the fundamentals are right!).

Looking forward nervously with anticipation to seeing those 3a results. Let the herd do what they want in the meantime and maybe capitalise if appropriate.



I remember when we were languishing at 6 or 7p a share & thinking…

FUM have just successfully (though somewhat chaotically) raised funds and we have around £9m in the bank, more than enough to get the crucial 3a results (which, if good, can finally ‘unlock’ the doors to a ‘blockbuster’), yet our market cap was around £12m!!

I kept thinking “what aren’t I reading correctly?! What have I missed?!”. I couldn’t find the answer to that on this board or any other and hence, took the plunge and took out my entire ISA allowance on FUM at around it’s historic low-the best investment I ever made!

Apologies if I sound like I’m showing off-it’s not my intention. The moral here is to remain focused on the core fundamentals. If there are any clues that the 3a data is good or bad is what we should be focused on-that’s where FUM’s value lies in the immediate future. Hold what you’re comfortable holding and let the speculators do their speculation. Much research has shown long term holding as a strategy is far more successful than trying to time the market in a never ending buy/sell/buy/sell.



You’ve probably all read this from June from Liberum Capital:
“The broker added that the Phase 3 trial for MED2002 was “low-risk” as the study currently had 20 realistic outcomes, only one of which would mean the treatment could not be launched commercially.”

So that reads as 95% chance of success to me, but they also say there’s a 70% chance of a +ve result (!). I think I’ll ignore this broker note.


I see the info about phase 3b was already out there


The info about phase 3b has been out there for over a year smashing. Make that over one and a half years


I appreciate the thanks Zero, Trump and FX.

I would be interested in buying back in at a lower price under certain circumstances now.

You’re right in saying you should only have what you can lose because I had far too much invested but in the end it’s paid off.

I just wish I’d played it better last year I should’ve averaged down and I didn’t then I went all in at the fund raiser to recover. I guess that’s what’s making me cautious this year I don’t want to be in the same position again.

I’d definitely buy back in if a situation occurs that Futura have positive results but aren’t happy with any bids for the company and a fund raiser is required.

A bit like last year we don’t know what Futura valuate themselves at, we’ll never forget the “punchy numbers” but I’d have been happy with a buyout at 80p-120p.

Are futuras advisors going to tell them to do a fund raiser and complete phase3b trials to get the best value again? It could very well happen.