Topped up with recent news de-risking XTR even more



With the news from the 1st August 2019 , RNS Number : 5993H that , " total alluvial mining production for the month of July alone is expected to be around 14.50Kg, which is the second best month in terms of production for 2019 and at current gold prices the best month in terms of revenue accrued to Explorator for 2019 ". It gave me the impression the chicken farm area had been reached with lower over burden along with higher grade alluvial’s hence I topped up this morning regardless whether there are any shorts still open after the recent placing announcement of shares .

Following Mr. Colin Birds direction of last Fridays announcement via RNS Number : 7978H that he’d added a further 1 million shares to his holding . I’m well aware there’s nothing stopping him adding further just wish he’d topped up at 1p first .

Oh well adding as time goes by with hard rock progress from terraces yet to be announced regarding Omnia and cherry picking easy picking from Guy Fawkes area news could arrive at any time .