TPR100: UK Regulatory Submission



New RNS.

Futura Medical plc (AIM: FUM), the innovative healthcare company focused on advanced transdermal technology, is pleased to announce that its UK commercialisation partner for TPR100, one of the Company’s novel topical pain relief products, has filed the product’s marketing authorisation application with the UK Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency.
TPR100 is licensed in the UK to Thornton & Ross, one of the UK’s largest consumer healthcare companies and a subsidiary of STADA. Thornton & Ross holds exclusive rights to manufacture, distribute and market TPR100 in the UK for the lifetime of the product’s patents, which run to 2028 in the UK.
TPR100, which benefits from the rapid skin permeation rates offered by Futura’s proprietary DermaSys® delivery system, will be launched, once approved, as an over-the-counter and general sales ledger product for the local symptomatic relief of pain and inflammation in:
trauma of the tendons, ligaments, muscles and joints, e.g. from sprains, strains and bruises
localised forms of soft tissue rheumatism.
Futura has achieved statistically significant pain relief in a clinical study compared with placebo for TPR100, which is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (“NSAID”) using diclofenac as its active ingredient.

Good news on TPR but I guess not the RNS we’re all waiting for. Still no news on MED but I’m guessing discussions are still on going. It’s just good to have some news shouldn’t do the SP any harm.


Where has everybody gone?


Well I spend my days waking up checking for a RNS and then end up disappointed when there isn’t one, it’s like an endless cycle.

The LSE board is quite entertaining to read though.

Just feel like patience is key now even if no kind of deal is announced before the phase 3 trials. We could possibly be in an even stronger position if we complete the first part of the trials.

Good luck all and hang on in there, our time will come.


Hibernation!?! Wake us up when we get there :wink:


What’s happened to tony, trump and Aberdeen?


Those guys must have sold out already


It’s a shame really those guys were the highlight of this board with the work they put in.

Anyway we should be due some news soon, whether that’ll be good or bad is another thing. Obviously there’s been a few big sells recently, the silence isn’t helping.

Who knows though it could take months to negotiate any sort of deal like we could get an RNS any day.


I expect at least 2 of the 3 will still be invested (Tony & AI)…so they are sure to be keeping an eye on things. The change in the website may have driven them away. Perhaps they have just got more important things to do.


Oil, how do u know they still investing in FUM? Their concerted dead silence seems very odd, corresponding to the dreadful silence of BoD. Who knows they may be connected persons or paid rampers of the Company? And now their service is not needed so three of them left the B.B.


Quite a few conspiracy theories there! I don’t know anything…I ‘expect’…or put it another way, I’d be surprised if AI and/or Tony had sold up and left the party. Tony especially is a lifer like me. That doesn’t mean they haven’t sold up…circumstances change…perhaps AI’s wife found out how much he had invested in FUM and he had to sell his holding to pay for the divorce :wink:

Neither were rampers IMO. AI was very very enthusiastic at times but mostly harmless. Tony was more level headed - more aware of the risks - but still optimistic (after all he gave us TTT).


The silence makes me think they have both possibly sold up, I do find it odd. You mentioned them not liking the new webisite oil but on there profiles it says they’re both posting regularly but not on any board.

I don’t think they were rampers though but who knows maybe tony sold up after his lump sum from futura for the TTT conspiracy theory :wink:


Mark, from their activity AI hasn’t posted since 19th July and Tony stopped on 11th July. It could be that the Russian’s got to them?!? We could also be on the hit list. Beware of men in leather coats with bottle of perfume (sounds like a good night out in certain parts of London :face_with_raised_eyebrow:)


That’s what I thought originally oil but when you look on someone’s profile it gives when they’ve last seen something and when they last posted. Like if you look at mine it should give this as my last message so it’ll give like 25mins etc, so it makes me think they still use it.

Those pesky Russians who’s going to be next, they’ve wiped this board out nearly. You’ll be top of their list oil you’re one of the last originals left :wink:


Maybe they both e-mailed Mr B and got extra vital info:

-Bad news which made them sell their shares
-too (positive) vital info to share on any BB and thus keeping their mouth shut

More likely is that there is no vital news and that there is nothing meaningful to share/discuss. I also am not going to participate in meaningless discussions being fueled by some posters who are caught up in a “confirmation bias” circle (eg LSE board, ADVFN).

If med2002 is still a great product and will produce excellent results after P3 trials, than the worst thing that could happen is a share dilution resulting from a new capital raise because FUM is going to launch it themselves. In the end the multibagger is even in this situation still very much intact.

With all do respect for Tony and Aberdeen Investor, I hope that readers of this BB are not solely investing in FUM based on their activity rate on this BB. Do your OWN Due Dilligence.,.

My strategy? I am not buying extra shares anymore and will keep money aside in case a capital raise is needed. But I am sure as hell not selling my shares today as the fundamentals of med2002 have not changed. All IMHO


I agree with everything you’ve said there pharmatom you’ve summed it up really well.

I just find it odd with the silence from tony and AI which makes me believe they know something we don’t especially as they’re both still active on this site. Like you said though no one can invest of going of what other people say or think.

At the end of the day I really do believe this will come good one day it’s just we might have a long wait, MED gel will come good though.

I think worst case secaniro is a rights issue and I’m just holding at the moment but would invest more if that happened.

Who knows though no one might know nothing, people might just be getting nervous and no one knows how complicating or long a deal could take. For all we know there could be a deal anytime soon (let’s hope so anyway) .


If they haven’t got a deal lined up, one with a healthy upfront payment, then a rights issue may become a necessity.

Over the years I think there has been a few, but ‘usually’ the RI is aimed at institutional investors (I don’t think PI’s were even asked). A potential problem for FUM is that the last fund raising was at a high SP and II’s haven’t done very well on their investment…they may not be so ‘generous’ next time. The last fund raising was supposed to be enough to fund MED2002 to a deliverable product (or so I thought)…so a potential big mistake if they do have financing issues (although a ‘punchy’ deal would no doubt resolve that dilemma).


Oil, JB has to make a decisive move to accept any offer available if he still wants to commercialise MED. Obviously FUM hasn’t got enough money to conduct 2 Phase 3 trails. Rights issue seems the only way out.
But, I doubt very much he cares too much about getting a deal done because the remaining 8 million cash is enough to pay his remuneration for the next 10 years and get retired.


Chariot, so how does that work? There isn’t enough money for the MED trials but there is enough for Mr B’s pay & pension for 10 years. Hopefully MED 2002 development takes precedence over anything else.


We have to keep up our pressure on JB to put shareholders’ interest as first priority rather than his own selfish intentions.


I think it’s as much in JB’s interest to get a good deal for the company, he’s got a lot invested in the company as well. I’m sure it’s just as frustrating for him as it is for us, let’s just hope he can get a deal over the finish line.