TPR100: UK Regulatory Submission



Personally I am expecting an announcement to come before the 26th Sept. However, should this only be to the tune that the dosing of patients has begun, and nothing more (specifically anything relating to ‘punchy numbers’ or a licensing deal of sorts) then that would be hugely disappointing. It really it crunch time for JB over the next 6-12 months.

Still optimistic, despite the continued silence - come on Mr B, reward the loyals!


What’s everyone’s view on what the announcement on the 26th is going to be? (Or hopefully an announcement before then)

  • Phase 3 trials start with the first patient being dosed whilst discussions are still on going.

  • A deal of some sort completed.

  • A rights issue needed to fund phase 3 trials.

I’m trying to keep faith but I guess it isn’t easy at the moment. The thought of a rights issue is always in the back of my mind.

With what all the other people are saying on the other boards JB hasn’t replied to messages for a while, let’s hope it’s because he’s busy trying to get a deal completed.


Mark, a rights issue may be needed if ‘the’ deal doesn’t materialise in time. The question would be ‘will there be the interest from II’s in a rights issue?’, because the last RI has not been ‘good’ for them. I suppose if the terms were good…but that may be bad for shareholders. I expect that if a RI is announced and it has been fully supported by II’s (as in the past) then the SP could benefit from the removal of the uncertainty.

I’m very annoyed they didn’t raise enough cash at the last RI (when SP was high)…did they actually buy a company yacht (he says jokingly)?

About the lack of communications from Mr Barder, it doesn’t surprise me. I expect he is being bombarded by worried investors…and some of the questions I expect can be either unnecessary (read the blinking company statements) or else he cannot answer (price sensitive information). Personally I could never understand why he answered emails personally (but I did appreciate it) because I hoped he had more important things to do with his time. Perhaps he really does now, which would be a good thing for us shareholders.


Regarding Mr B’s responses. As posters here and elsewhere have noted Mr B used to repond individually and often same day.
Then Buchanan started to answer - for a short while - I assumed while Mr B was on hols.
Now all comms are handled by Optimum Strategic Comms. Bland/generic response since last RNS (they are listed as the media contact, Buchanan no longer on bottom of RNS).
Go and look what they do. Quite instructive.


The wolf of futura medical.

JB - James Barder, Jordan Belfort what’s the difference.

He’s probably covered in women on coco channels yacht he’s just purchased, MED gel at the ready. Rings into the office, “phase 3 trials have begun”.

Never mind why people aren’t getting replies.


The point being, if you had, or were about to announce a half decent deal (or TTT as some have mooted) why would you need to emptoy another set of expensive experts to rustle up investor appetite?
Either a bluff to squeeze a bit more out of an imminent deal or, sadly, punchy numbers slip through our fingers and cap in hand to raise cash for next steps and paying that huge salary…


Maybe they haven’t physically got the time to respond at the moment though with all the negotiations going on, so they’ve had to get someone to cover whilst they’ve not got time to respond.

I’m sure they’re getting lots of messages currently from investors.

It could be a bluff though as you say, maybe they’re trying to say we don’t need the money and can go it alone, to try and get a better deal. I personally doubt it though.

I couldn’t imagine it’s that expensive to get someone in to respond to messages though, I could be wrong though.


Go to their site and look at what they do. They are not a comms firm. They help raise capital. Scroll down their news releases.


If only Tony or Aberdeen could put a positive spin on this I might save £6 on that cheap bottle of wine tonight…


They are strictly a communications firm exactly like Buchanan.
They work with advisors and clients. Advisors are another set of companies, a totally different breed. The client in this case being Futura Medical.
Buchanan also does exactly the same as Optimum and infact there are around 4 to 5 other IR firms in the London area specialising in the life sciences sector.
All these IR firms are the chain between the sell side (analysts) and buy side (investors).
Hope this clarifies.
In summary - there is no difference between the two apart from optimum like to classify themselves are “specialists” in the healthcare sector


Do you agree that it would be odd to change horses if a decent deal had been bagged?


To clarify. What I meant was that they don’t make their money by putting pretty PPT slides together. They make their money by facilitating deal making (being part of that process) be it raising money or m&a. As you say, same breed as Buchanan, but very odd to change now unless punchy deal not progressing and FUM in a hole. Raises question of why they didn’t go to this specialist ages ago…


And they have Customers like Kiadis Pharma (Dutch bio)…which looks also very promising…so future winners in their portfolio!


As predicted…only now for the real believers…like myself. Fortunately I can free up cash to invest more…will be buying