Trading at premium



I see NAV is 115p and we are trading at 116p- first time this has been the case for a looooong time


I think that there is almost always money to be made buying a specialist sector fund at a solid discount - sooner or later the discount will narrow. Maybe time to bail out once it gets to a premium though?


It’s been at a premium for a few weeks now. I sold out about 2 weeks ago at 122+. My reasoning was we’d seen a 50% rise in a short time & it had gone from discount to premium. It’s ome off a bit since then, but still at a premium.

Obviously the long term future for the Chinese Markets has to be good, so I want to get back in. I’m hoping I will be able to get in below 110.

I agree watching Investment trusts and seeing how they move v their NAV can pay dividends.