Trading share?



Well, having more or less lost the old shirt on this might it be worth giving it a go as a trading share? At least we know a lot about it and I suspect other big shareholders will be doing that. BB


I guess you have to look at the news flow for Q1-Q2.

Patent extension for MED, this was pending but with the new one applied this is now dead.

TPR, will this be further delayed and possibly changed due to the results of the MED study?

Review with regulatory authorities, this will be the big one, will they accept a medical device route, what further studies are needed, I imagine this will sink or ship the share price as it’s going to be linked directly to cash if more are needed.

MED deal? will it ever happen… no one would even think about it before the meet the regulatory boards and the full study is gone through.


Hi guys, have been there and back with this one and always enjoyed your feed. Decided to join the board here though not profficient with healthcare have watched with a great deal of interest and at 76 the ED route gives me something to dream about. Well down on capital with FUM but now trying to trade to grab a bit back if I can like BB 31.012.19



Placebo comparison. It appears the med3000 used in trials as placebo had significantly better effect when compared with other placebos in other trials so they may actually be on to something. Of course the method of placebo application may be significant.


Yes this confirms they are actually a step nearer and in my mind worth a good punt at this level so have dipped my wick below 11p for a hope another rise to the 15p mark by when i would expect further information on their progress. I am only looking at this share on a trading prospectve for the time being but would like to be locked in when the really big announcement is forthcoming.! JJ