Transfer of ownership?



With the trading action we’ve seen here over the last few months I can’t help thinking that a transfer of ownership is taking place, given that the selling is to an extent at least being balanced by a regular buyer of 5m blocks and sometimes more. Just the one 5m buy today but on days of greater selling pressure the buyer always seems to step uo to the plate to avoid a large drop in the sp. So I’m just thinking aloud here and sharing some thoughts as to what might be going on.

It’s been a very long time since we were notified of any share issuance to service providers, but with Baker Hughes likely to be fulfilling a much larger piece of that role in future maybe we are seeing the rump of their shareholdings being sold. Another and perhaps more likely candidate is Outrider if buying stock without declaring it had been part of Stephen Hope’s “unlawful interference with the business of the Company” in other words a part of his strategy to seize control of the company alongside working with YA to trigger a cross default on the loan notes, and maybe as a hedge against that strategy not succeding. Now he’s been caught out it could be that the stock is being sold to help fund litigation and any award against him and the funds he manages.

But the question then arises as to who is the bulk buyer as I have seen no evidence of PI’s laying claim to some of these large buys, some amounting to 12m shares in one trade. Can’t be Zaza or SN as they would have to declare any trades immediately, but nothing to stop Baker Hughes or the as yet unnamed major building a stake in the company for what’s to come, and no need to declare until they pass the 3% threshold. All a mystery really but I would welcome any other constructive theories as to what’s really going on here and as to why the seller just has to pounce on any rise to kill it stone dead.




ToT and here’s another slant…this tiime from pyrotech on the LSE BB!

"I been refraining from saying this but with speculation here is mine, its a story so some may ike it some may not but its my honest thoughts.
YA global had a deal with Outrider, the deal was a transfer of shares and an effort to keep the sp low.
Outrider wanted to keep the SP and Mcap low and force the company into a point where financing was dificult.

So all those selling that looked like transfers back in Summer were just that - YA to Outrider.
Hope on the BOD knew that with payments to YA and without some increase in production or a partner, FRR would soon need funding. This is where Outrider, having accumalated shares would come in and bid for the company offering a rescue package.
FRR were to pay YA but outrider still wanted shares, so using his inside position, Mr hope encouraged YA to still take shares.
At this time, FRR were aware of abnormal share dealing, in fact it had ordinary share holders investigating the goings on.
The presold shares that were not authorised, were the catalyst for FRR to finally call in YA and push for legal ramifications, this of course would seriously damage YA if they had been involved in wrong doing. They must have been as they quickly submitted to the claims.
FRR were not after the middle man, they were after the main man - Outrider and Hope. So as part of the deal YA had to confess the dealings of Outrider. Which they did.
Most likely this involved price manipulation with the share dealings and the outcome Outrider were striving for.

Since the accusations came out, YA have been buying back shares in 1m, 5m and 10m blocks, or someone like BH have been taking a small stake. Meanwhile Outrider, for reasons only known to them have began selling a large amount of shares. This could be getting rid of evidence, - shares they accumalated illegally or just off loading for cash they need, possibly for pending legal action.

Now please, this is just a story, i have no evidence that this is anyform accurate but its somewhere close to what i think is most likely. OUTRIDER again wanting Frontera
And so again why do they want it?
After all, you do not fight over an empty box"

eyeson…so many possibilities!!


And from Moleinhole commenting on pyro. Everyone has their view, so whose to really know!! :confounded:

"Pyro nice idea but I very much doubt YA would do that.

As to why you would want to suppress the share price that is easy to answer if you were hoping to convert some debt to equity the lower the share price the bigger the problem and the more dulluted existing share holders would be if you were able to enforce a swap.

Ya are a preference share holder and rank lower than outrider in debt preference. I doubt they would risk forcing the issue. I would see YA and outrider as competitors not collaborators.

As I say I wouldn’t try and double guess what has been going on. But I will be researching Cayman company law as part of my expensive fontrera education! US bankruptcy law was interesting but this will be much more interesting."


when i worked at an aim listed Plc 20 years ago, we would get a report from Capita telling us every transaction in shares that took place. It wasnt a heavily traded company & very illiquid so there wasnt much to look through. Been in Ltd Co jobs since then but i am sure there will still be reporting like this - i.e. the board will know who all these 5m, 10m etc trades are & will have resources to ‘follow the money’ if its hidden in funds (up to a point).
I expect an out of court settlement within 10 days.


Yep Levan will have been on to the registrars in Bristol and will know who is behind the transactions as he’s had to do this before when he wrote to all shareholders asking for support for restructuring proposals. Greed is a great motivator for those who operate in the murky world of providing loans to vulnerable AIM listed companies so I am with Pyro on this. YA were the obvious first target for FRR and folded very quickly with a settlement which was extremely favourable to FRR, but Hope and his funds were always going to be the prime target, and with YA having to come clean Hope is on a hiding to nothing imo.

I see that Winnifrith and his chief crony Easy Brent (see Twitter pages) are trying to put a negative spin on the proceedings and I’d bet my house on the fact that the early sales this morning were them opening new short positions designed to spread doubt in investors’ minds. It was probably them who pounced on the initial rise yesterday too imo and I would dearly love to see these guys in court once FRR have sorted out Outrider. There was clear evidence of collusion between them and YA a while back with TW having admitted to having seen e-mails from YA, so these vermin really need to be exterminated imho.




nice post tot can you post the link to the twitter page as i am not that great with computers cheers toatie.


Thanks toatie. Try this: and this:

We’ve discussed the shorting cabal here a while back and the suspicion is that Easy Brent is Darren Atwater, one of the founders of Share Prophets. He’s being assisted today by Tim Kempster aka loglorry on the Advfn board. Some support required over there to rebut him if anyone has a posting ID.




seen the twitter updates and it really is pathetic and blatantly obvious to the activities of tom not nice but dim and his cronies. so much of the information which shows FRRs side is not even mentioned. Can’t say i’m that surprised really.


What’s really galling is that there have been 55.23m shares bought so far today against 37.94m sold yet the sp is down by 3.7%.

I suppose the MMs want to keep it down to fill orders from the block buyer of 5m lots. Four of them today plus several 2.5m and no PI’s putting their hands up to large buys, so go figure…the transfer of ownership continues.



Trades reported by Money AM. indicate 11.000.000 more buys than sells ,with the sp. down 3.7%.This indicates either the reporting system is not fit for purpose or that the so called neutral trading system and it’s operators are acting outside their remit ,ie. with bias!


I think the damage was all done in the first twelve minutes of trading rpg7, with the shorters getting in early doors to condition people into thinking that we had a bad RNS yesterday. I’ve seen the same pattern on other stocks the SP cabal are targeting. Also let’s not forget that if a stock falls by 50% it has to rise by 100% to recover those losses, so what we are seeing is a microcosm of that.

The shorters look at the world with different eyes to us longs and will pounce on the slightest negative in any RNS to suit their agenda as they are doing on the Advfn board today with our old nemesis Jaknife now crawling out from under the bridge to join Tim Kempster aka loglorry in spinning a yarn. Wshak helping them on twitter too, all doing their master’s bidding, along with some on lse board, albeit in a more subtle manner.

What we could do with is our 5m buyer pouncing at the open rather than when the price has come down, but that will be against his or his company’s interest if they intend to acquire a significant stake, so we are where we are and as Devex has said a couple of times the current share price is immaterial if a big deal is being negotiated since the stock should massively re-rate when it comes to a conclusion.

I just hope that once Outrider are sorted out the company will go after Shareprophets as they really have a lot to answer for here, following their collusion with YA.

Have a good weekend all and don’t let them get inside your heads.



I have tipped the sofas upside down, turned pockets inside out and even dipped into the emergency beer fund (I know stupid!)
Anyway I reckon I can afford another tranche on pay day, four days to wait -
Bless this courtroom shenanigans (could the transfer of ownership rely on the Sp being this low?)
I care not if I can buy a good chunk more sub 0.46p I am working on x 10 from here absolute minimum.
Good luck everyone except hope and those talking this down of course
Have a great weekend


Totally agree TOT - and I have talked to a couple mates who are ex FCA (one is Head of Compliance or a mid sized FS operation). (For info I spent 20 years of my life interfacing with the FCA/FSA and earlier versions on a pretty regular basis). They have suggested that if shareholders believe that individuals are clearly working together to de-stabilise a share with innuendo and unproven claims these will be investigated- even if the names are hidden by covers (eg Easybrent). It is the volume and quality of the complaints that will influence their response.

I have therefore decided that over the weekend I will put together an email to the various parties that deal with this stuff, and I will publish it on this site - together with the addresses that it should be sent to. I am not going to sit back and watch these shysters do their stuff without doing my bit to deal with them. More to come


Go Devex

I will join with any class action and/or organised complaint to the financial watchdog
Can you just remind me what date I joined FoF please? On here will do -
I am doing some spring cleaning (early I know) in readiness for the battles ahead
“Into the breach once more friends”
And I need to be certain of the date



Hi Fillpot. That’s great - nothing to do with FOF though - we have disbanded that. Simply hoping to get a series of individual complaints fired off - the more the merrier!


Well done Dev. I can’t think of a better person to be our Champion with the FCA.

Have a great weekend and good luck to the Pilgrims.



Agreed it’s nothing to do with FoF.
I just need confirmation of my start date there as it (the date) coincides with a known point and value of my shareholding. I changed IT and share platform just after and lost loads of data.


if you type it up i will sign any pettition to get rid of all the shorters who are trying to short this co and keep the sp low cheers toatie.


Great idea Dev, I do wonder if it’s worth mentioning this to the VRS investors via ToT as they appear to be subjected to the same attacks as we are.

Look forward to the infor required.


Hi Fillpot, I just took the opportunity to check the FOF mailbox in case there had been any recent communications but as Dev said earlier it is essentially dead at the moment. However I did a search under your user name and am able to inform you that you first registered with FoF on 12th October 2015. Hope this helps.

Mg 70, good suggestion. Once Dev’s sent the initial email I will promulgate on the VRS board. It is pretty sparsely populated on II at the moment, so I’ll see if I can get someone to put it on the Advfn board as the Cabal are making the CEO’s life a misery on his twitter page as well as their repeated scaremongering on Advfn, and it’s time genuine investors fought back