Transfer of ownership?



Hi ToT, thanks to yourself and Dev for your efforts here. Looking forward to Dev’s email and will follow myself.
I’m in VRS too so I’ll keep my eye on that bb.


This tweet from A Game is pushing the cause!


Thanks ToT time flies!
Good luck with the toffees


Well shocking puppets are now without hope,in fact they are hopeless. Who is going to pull their strings and whisper shorting phrases in their lugholes ?.Think they need to practise sucking their thumbs,they may need to use a variant of that technique in the future::smirk:


Count me in on that too.


There’s still trolls around. EB on twitter claims FRR wil lose everything if the court hearing in December goes against FRR. He is one of the mob spreading (trying to spread) alarm amongst PIs.


Hi Devex - I’ve been catching up on reading all the FRR discussions after a long absence and would like to know if you found the time to write your email re the above and if so where the thread continues so that I could add my support?
By way of an excuse - the Interactive discussion board set up has changed significantly since I last used it and I’m still learning my way around!
Very much hoping that you did find the time and that something positive comes from it.
kind regards


Hi Norris107

I have to say, after much complaining by me to ii
The experience here has improved after my initial shock at the first and many subsequent attempts to use this site
I do like how we can copy in images etc to posts
Shame there is no ignore button though
Who said that


Hi Fillpot - I did notice the huge amount of complaints re the new site layout and I suspect you are doing a lot better than I am this being only my 3rd visit! - However I am thoroughly enjoying the high quality of the posts here and catching up on the latest FRR news - - ill health has kept me otherwise occupied and as I have a modest but significant holding in my SIPP it’s been great to find things progressing so well & everyone here so positive.
Hoping to be directed to Devex’s email to the FCA re this thread and not found anyone warranting an ignore button yet - happy days.


Hi Norris. Good of you to ask!

For information I did indeed complain to the Market Abuse and STOR teams at the FCA (just use google for the email addresses). However it turned into a very long and detailed complaint - which in the end I felt was inappropriate to share on the boards. It has been acknowledged - so over to them if they are inclined to follow up.

Regarding content the core was based on:

  • the clear and obvious orchestration of shorting messages - eg TW comments, then EasyBrent tweets, then Kempster (LogLorry on ADVFN) retweets - and a few others again retweeting these messages repetitively. Plus Zac Phillips being quite obviously prompted to help spread the shorter’s message. (I accepting that shorting is legal - but manipulating news to support a shorting message is not). Have to say FRR are not the only target - arguably VRS holders at least have just as much to complain about

  • generally the constant and orchestrated suggestion that a placing is due, the company is insolvent, there is no oil, there is no gas, the Nomad is about to resign, the directors are lying, the GOGC is about to pull the plug, etc etc etc.

  • my own thoughts on the possible identity of EasyBrent - and why the FCA need to investigate the true identity of these anonymous promotors of miss-information. (I think EasyBrent may be ex Shareprophets director Darren Atwater - see other threads for the logic)

  • in particular TW and SP comments on 19th October and 26th November (the TW 19th October comment assured us that he had proof that ZM had lied about YA - which was retweeted by the usual gang - and that he had seen supporting correspondence . So strange then that a few weeks later YA capitulated so spectacularly)

  • EasyBrent twitter generally - there is plenty of it. In particular September 19th - a disgraceful and gross attempt to try to influence third party thinking and interfere with a contractual arrangement. Comments on October 23rd, and November 14th, 22nd, and 26th are clearly all intended to undermine confidence from an anonymous commentator - clearly very closely linked to TW/SP.

  • Tim Kempster (Log Lorry) twitter - who in the main just retweets whatever EasyBrent tweets

And a number of other observations - but that was the core.

I think if holders wish to complain they do need to write their own script - but I am more than happy for the above to be used. Of course if I was EasyBrent I would just tweet the whole complaint letter. But thankfully I am not

Hope that helps - and I will truly relish the day that the company turns these peoples house upside down. Not long to wait IMHO


I do hope that you are all better now Norris 107
Glad that Devex could help also
That is a lot of effort put in I do hope that many more of the reasonable on here join his efforts
Good luck with your holding I don’t think we have too long to wait here now


Hear hear Filpot and great to hear from Norris again. I’ve been missing his humour and wish him a speedy recovery.

FWIW I have also complained to the FCA as the cabal have got away with murder for far too long. The more I think about it these low lifes have been making money off the backs of the Vulture Fund lenders for years by shorting any stock where they sense that a drawdown is coming on convertible stock. The end result is that conversion prices are much lower than they otherwise would be and that has diluted shareholders heavily in all the companies involved, including FRR. Fortunately under the revised agreement with YA here we have effectively seen the end of that, but these guys have undoubtedly caused tremendous damage to our investments and it’s payback time now if the FCA manage to nail them.

Good luck all,



I also have complained but my English is not as good as Devex’s.


Hi Devex - I will certainly add my ‘two pennys’ worth - although I’m tempted to say "just as he said . . . " and refer them to you as it sounds like your email was “mighty” but I will do my best as I feel very strongly about this situation and have done so for a long time.
Having complained to the FCA before I’m not so sure that individual complaints are as effective as a’collective barrage’ could be using the same reference? but imo doing nothing is not an option -

Many thanks for your detailed reply


It might be better to get local MP involved by all interested parties. The FCA are more likely to react to that than a group of disgruntled investors.


Hi Tot - very kind of you & Filpot, thanks. I can assure you that my humour is still very much in tact - infact it’s about the only thing definately not wrong with me!
Everything else has either slowed down, is leaking or is heading North!
I’d put it all down to a miss spent youth- if I could remember!
Seriously though much improved now and well enough to be peed off that individual investors still have to complain to the FCA about what is so obvious to everyone else !
I know by definition we’re small fry by comparrison to what they deal with but never-the less collectively the financial damage these cheats cause is enormous and they should be made to be afraid not ignored.
You’re quite correct - it’s time for payback time, personally - I’m not over optermistic but we shall have to wait and see.
Off to see some folk older than I now -
Nice to hear from you Tot - keep up the good work!


Hi Norris.

I don’t know you but anyone who’s a friend of Tot and Devex can’t be a bad person. Sorry to hear about you not being well but glad to see you’re a bit better and back on here to slam the bad boys.



Thanks both,

Re:the shorters I see someone copied Devex’s post onto the Advfn board and so far there’s not been a peep out of them. Let’s hope that some collars are being felt today, but that’s no reason not to keep up the pressure on the FCA to do something and make it hurt. The least I would expect is them to come down hard on ShareProphets and Easy Brent, with the others perhaps getting off with a warning if they are lucky.

If other posters or readers of this board can flag up instances of the cabal’s wrongdoings with other stocks they own that would help with the evidence base.




The stateof the Market today makes you feel like going back to bed! But positive vibes about FRR is enough to cheer me up! keep them coming. The Brexit discussion is getting SO boring and if Rees-Mogg is even hinted at for PM I am going to live in France.


Sue, I’d be inclined to join you in France if Rees Mogg ends up in the hot seat and takes us into a hard Brexit. The only problem is ’ would they let us in in those circumstances?’. I suppose Gibraltar is an option but it’s already pretty crowded…