Transfer of ownership?




Come on over to the sunny Isle of Man. No controls on property purchase, maximum tax cap of £125k in a year, even if you earn a billion, max 20% tax rate otherwise. No Capital Gains Tax, No Inheritance Tax.

There may be the odd day of wind, rain and fog though! But very good fishing, trout to 20lb. They will even tolerate you wearing the high heeled waders (by the way how are those toes?).



And all those monkeys!


It’s far to North for Tot dkok. He won’t even go to North Wales…


Ha ha , as tempting as 20 lb trout might be and the tax advantages, if I ever leave the UK I think I will be heading for sunnier climes. Gibraltar is a great place to keep a boat, and there are plenty of places just up the coast where I can indulge my passion for snorkelling and a bit of fishing too.

Sue, when we visited last year we took a taxi up to the Rock and when the driver wound down his window a monkey came inside and sat on my lap. He was great fun, so no worries there :rofl:



I remember doing the Rock Race early one Friday morning. Its starts at the dockyard gates and trudges all the way to the top. Did it in circa 30 mins if memory serves correctly.

Mind you, got the cable car down afterwards, my legs were killing me.

Great plan though and the sunsets from the Naval Station were very good.


I visited Gib a few times in my RAF days - often for a month or so and I’ve got the bruises to prove it lol. It’s a great place.


We fly into Gib a lot. Talking of boats and Gibraltar if you go to Pizza Express by the marina watch out for a cruiser called The Bogs Dollocks - always causes a titter.


That did make me titter Dev. We have a boat down the yacht club called ‘May contain nuts’ which always makes me smile, but if we have a Black Swan event here which fries the shorters I might just call my next boat ‘Zaza’s Revenge’.

Talking of the shorters. not a peep out of them on Advfn since your post was copied over there by someone. I never thought the FCA would spring into action so quickly but I am starting to think that collars might already have been felt…



Hope (!) so.:grinning:


I think that’s Gibraltar, Sue :wink:


Oops, sorry, Sue, didn’t read full thread, just dkok’s reference to IOM, to which I thought you were responding.
Silly me :clown_face::clown_face:


Are Barbary apes monkeys?
Although the species is commonly referred to as the “Barbary ape”, the Barbary macaque is actually a true monkey. … The Barbary macaque population of Gibraltar is the only such population outside Northern Africa and the only population of wild monkeys in Europe.
Currently about 160 populate The Rock I think.
Great times and some lovely photo’s to remember.
Ah. . . .



I think there is also a colony in Brussels!!



I hear the ones in Brussels are fond of gravy (train)



They are even fonder of fresh meat! They have been trying Albanian, Serbian, Macedonian and even Montenegroan for a while, with a slight dalliance with Turkish for variety, but I think thay have found the latter a bit spicy!



I was hoping they’d find roast beef a bit on the tough side but seems they’re on deserts already



I think they have found that British Beef needs tenderising before you devour it. It has a tendency to be a bit tough otherwise, and can cause a lot of digestive trouble!


I’m certainly finding it a bitter pill to swollow no chance of a full English Brex-eat


I like the sound of Gibraltar - although I remember the 60s when they closed the border - Perhaps they could do the same again when we come out of the EU.


Good point Sue. Think I might have to fly a Spanish flag on the boat instead of the Ensign when I go port hopping.