We have USA opposing a tariff on French luxury goods due to WTO Airbus ruling on subsidies and French Internet tax.

The message from US is , it’s ok for US to protect its businesses but not for other countries. As for Airbus , US could be facing a similar fallout around the time of Presidential Election.

What has Trump achieved with his tantrums?


What has Trump completed - trade spats ongoing, North Korea, Turkey, Nirthern Syria?


Trump’s preference of waiting till post 2020 Election means he runs the risk of more farmers going bankrupt and alienating his core voters.


If Trump put 100% tariff on some luxury goods then watch what France and EU do to American based luxury goods from say Tiffany, Capri and Tapestry.

Macron seems set on standing up to Trump and could act as a focal point for other countries to join.


How many times have the market been fed such information?


Market should price shares on basis of ongoing talks .