Modern Water

21h21 hours ago
Excellent results during the successful commissioning of @Modern_Water’s AMBC brine concentration plant on the site of a large textile dye client in India. Check again for more details in another tweet later today!! Meanwhile visit ?

Our @Modern_Water AMBC brine concentrator has performed as expected during commissioning of the plant at the site of a dye plant in India: we managed to concentrate the raw feed from 40,000mg/l to 125,000mg/l. An excellent result! ?


Sell about 50 more this year and next and you might have the makings of a viable business.


You still holding bobsson ?


Sadly yes, not sure if I could even sell at this price. Yet another share where I had an opportunity to sell at a good profit and did not take it. Poor decision making on my part. Not sure how this poorly managed company can escape from this situation. Also MWG recruited an expert onto the board last year, he was dubbed the MWG dragon, so much for that appointment.


Thanks bobsson.
Today’s fall all within spread which i saw @ 38% ??
I am also in and quite a big lump .


RNS today, Non exec Chairman Alan Wilson resigned today and current non exec director Dr Piers Clark (the so called business dragon) becomes Non exec Chairman today. I take this as a positive development, management has not been good at MWG this guy should tighten everything up. There is hope for a share price recovery here at some point.


A 15% spike this last hour of Friday afternoon !!!