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Excellent results during the successful commissioning of @Modern_Water’s AMBC brine concentration plant on the site of a large textile dye client in India. Check again for more details in another tweet later today!! Meanwhile visit ?

Our @Modern_Water AMBC brine concentrator has performed as expected during commissioning of the plant at the site of a dye plant in India: we managed to concentrate the raw feed from 40,000mg/l to 125,000mg/l. An excellent result! ?


Sell about 50 more this year and next and you might have the makings of a viable business.


You still holding bobsson ?


Sadly yes, not sure if I could even sell at this price. Yet another share where I had an opportunity to sell at a good profit and did not take it. Poor decision making on my part. Not sure how this poorly managed company can escape from this situation. Also MWG recruited an expert onto the board last year, he was dubbed the MWG dragon, so much for that appointment.


Thanks bobsson.
Today’s fall all within spread which i saw @ 38% ??
I am also in and quite a big lump .


RNS today, Non exec Chairman Alan Wilson resigned today and current non exec director Dr Piers Clark (the so called business dragon) becomes Non exec Chairman today. I take this as a positive development, management has not been good at MWG this guy should tighten everything up. There is hope for a share price recovery here at some point.


A 15% spike this last hour of Friday afternoon !!!


All time lows on the 6th and again 15th of November @ 1.23p
Recent sale good news lifted it a little but today dropped back to 1.37p

Saw this write up on Wall street site .

Some stocks are best avoided. We don’t wish catastrophic capital loss on anyone. Imagine if you held Modern Water plc (LON:MWG) for half a decade as the share price tanked 95%. And we doubt long term believers are the only worried holders, since the stock price has declined 86% over the last twelve months. Shareholders have had an even rougher run lately, with the share price down 44% in the last 90 days.

We really hope anyone holding through that price crash has a diversified portfolio. Even when you lose money, you don’t have to lose the lesson.

See our latest analysis for Modern Water

Given that Modern Water didn’t make a profit in the last twelve months, we’ll focus on revenue growth to form a quick view of its business development. Generally speaking, companies without profits are expected to grow revenue every year, and at a good clip. Some companies are willing to postpone profitability to grow revenue faster, but in that case one does expect good top-line growth.

In the last half decade, Modern Water saw its revenue increase by 7.8% per year. That’s a fairly respectable growth rate. So the stock price fall of 44% per year seems pretty steep. The truth is that the growth might be below expectations, and investors are probably worried about the continual losses.

The image below shows how earnings and revenue have tracked over time (if you click on the image you can see greater detail).

AIM:MWG Income Statement, November 14th 2019
AIM:MWG Income Statement, November 14th 2019
Take a more thorough look at Modern Water’s financial health with this free report on its balance sheet.

A Different Perspective
While the broader market gained around 9.2% in the last year, Modern Water shareholders lost 86%. Even the share prices of good stocks drop sometimes, but we want to see improvements in the fundamental metrics of a business, before getting too interested. Unfortunately, last year’s performance may indicate unresolved challenges, given that it was worse than the annualised loss of 44% over the last half decade. Generally speaking long term share price weakness can be a bad sign, though contrarian investors might want to research the stock in hope of a turnaround. You could get a better understanding of Modern Water’s growth by checking out this more detailed historical graph of earnings, revenue and cash flow.


New low Friday before Christmas down 30% @ 1.03p … has a 10% spread .


Yes. The end is nigh?


Not good news down 60% early Friday…placing @ 0.5p

Modern Water To Raise GBP1.9 Million, Picks Integumen CEO As Chair
from Alliance News | 24th January 2020 10:22
(Alliance News) - Modern Water PLC said Friday it intends to raise GBP1.9 million through a placing, which will go towards working capital purposes, and the repayment of debts.

Should the placing go through, Modern Water will appoint Gerard Brandon as non-executive chair, and Nigel Burton as non-executive director.

Brandon is currently chief executive officer at AIM-listed heatlh care company Integumen PLC, and has been for two years since 2018.

The London-based wastewater services firm will issue 370.0 million shares at a price of 0.5 pence per share, reflecting a 60% discount to Modern Water’s closing price on Thursday at 1.25p.

Shares in Modern Water were 42% lower at 0.72 pence on Friday in London.

The company said the placing will be oversubscribed, due to the introduction of new cornerstone investors by broker Turner Pope Investments Ltd.

As well as debt repayments, proceeds will also go towards supporting the development of Modern Water’s patented Membrane and Monitoring products.

The placing is subject to shareholder approval at a general meeting on February 14.

“We are delighted to receive substantial support from a number of new and existing investors introduced by TPI. The net funds from the Placing will allow us to address all of our outstanding liabilities, provide working capital to alter the business model to drive increased revenues by collaborations and revenue sharing opportunities that build and extend our existing sales, marketing and distribution channels,” said Chief Executive Officer Simon Humphrey.

By Dayo Laniyan;

Copyright 2020 Alliance News Limited. All Rights Reserved.

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Good news, MWG not going bust (for now). Given global concerns regarding pollution, contamination and water shortages you would have thought MWG would have ready markets for their products. A good move to keep the water monitoring arm as this fits with the above. We need to see the orders rolling in now.


Big investment by Helium Rising Stars Fund … not sure that is available to private investors.
Can be picked up for 0.87p today.



Big investment by Helium Rising Stars Fund … not sure that is available to private investors.
Can be picked up for 0.87p today.


Turner Pope are ramping it today .
They might be staging the placing shares of 0.5p for todays 0.8p

Modern Water plc
Having now strengthened its balance sheet and refreshed its Board through the
appointment of a series of highly experienced and well-connected individuals, Modern
Water is now poised to capture the obvious and growing global water market
opportunity through cutting-edge technology focused on making the treatment and
recycling of water more efficient. In light of its recent successful placing, negotiations
over the potential sale of its Monitoring Division have been suspended pending the
outcome of a review by the new Board. It has also confirmed action to significantly
reduce overhead costs across the whole business which has now been undertaken.
The results of this and MWG’s vision for capturing its business opportunity is
expected to be reflected within its forthcoming release of financial results and
statement for the year ending December 2019. Significantly, the new Board introduces
a commercial focus with extensive expertise in sales & marketing, while also offering
access to distribution channels in target markets, including the chemical, biofuel,
wastewater, dairy and agricultural production industries. Potentially higher valueadded and improved margins could even be found from MWG’s existing clients by
adding real-time water monitoring through the adoption of Rinocloud AI and data
analysis technologies successfully operated by the new Chairman’s own skin-health
related businesses.
Further to the Company’s announcement of 24 January 2020 and following the
completion of the placing, the Company has confirmed the appointment of Dr Nigel
Burton to the Board of Modern Water as a Non-executive Director (‘NED’). Dr Burton has
spent 15 years as Chief Financial Officer or Chief Executive Officer of a number of private
and public companies. He is currently a NED of AIM-quoted companies Remote
Monitored Systems plc, Digitalbox plc, Regency Mines plc, eEnergy Group plc and
Mobile Streams plc. The Company also expects to appoint Gerard Brandon, CEO of
Integumen plc (AIM:SKIN), as NED and Chairman of the Board shortly and a further
announcement will be made in due course. Piers Clark and Mike Townend, Nonexecutive Chairman and NED, respectively, have resigned.
As a pioneering and innovative technology company specialising in membrane water
treatment solutions and advanced monitoring products, Modern Water finds itself
ideally positioned to exploit the rapidly expanding market opportunity for the bulk
supply of clean and healthy water resources across the world. Significantly, six
different countries have already legislated that Modern Water monitoring test systems
are written into their environmental protection legislation.
On 24 January 2020, MWG announced that it had conditionally raised £1.85 million
gross (£1.68 million net), before expenses, by way of an oversubscribed placing of
370,000,000 new Ordinary Shares at a price of 0.5 pence per share. The Placing was
approved by Shareholders at a General Meeting held on 14 February 2020. Simon
Humphrey, Modern Water’s CEO, has confirmed that the funds raised from the Placing
will allow his Company to address its outstanding liabilities, while also providing
working capital to alter the business model with a view to increasing revenues by
collaborations and revenue sharing opportunities that build and extend existing sales,
marketing and distribution channels.
Operational and development progress continues to be made in MWG’s two principal
divisions (Membrane and Monitoring). As announced on 25 November 2019, the
Membrane Division was awarded an innovative project in South Korea through its
Chinese partner, Hangzhou Shangtuo Environmental Technology Co. Ltd. In this
project, salt is produced by concentrating deep seawater and further demonstrates the
wide-ranging applications/capabilities of its patented technologies. Further to this, on
23 December 2019 the Company confirmed its largest-ever single order for its Microtox®
CTM to a customer in China; the total value of the order was US$335,000. Microtox®
CTM is a site-based, broad


Ripley, I always thought the future for this company would be good given the need to protect the environment from polluted wastewater and to supply clean drinking water. I bought these at 8p Oct 17, and could have sold around 14p! The current share price is around 0.75p on 20/2/20 both MWG and I need to do a lot better. I would say they have 12 months to turn this around before the money runs out again. And I have just noticed that the so called “business dragon” Dr Clark has also gone, so even he could not turn this company around in the relatively short time he was there.


HI bobsson
What did you make if anything of Helium Rising Stars Fund investing .
I have been here years wish 8p was my first buy .
Just checked and see my first buy was 11/02/2011 i paid 60p ( what a difference 9 years make )
The time not timing adage does not apply here.


Ripley, I think there have been a few IIs investing here so they must see something worth investing in. The Board has a few new faces who appear to have strengthened it with a better commercial focus. Now lets see lots of sales!