Ukraine again




The connection is that the interest on Booster’s FRR short position is so high that all he can afford is a Greggs sausage roll!!!


Still not sure what to make of this. Unfortunately being de-listed means FRR communications will be worse then they worse when listed and that takes some doing! They no longer have to inform
the market in a timely manner and I for one and growing more frustrated with the lack of any update for the shareholders which is concerning me. I agree things are going on behind the scenes but based on what’s happened I would’ve thought FRR should be putting some holding news to keep investors positive…unless there is nothing to be positive about?!

Back to the bunker


I’m afraid he’s right about the £1b trimhammer but Greggs never took a loan through Hope! and there is a bit of a difference between sausage roll and oil/gas!

Todays BBC internet news …………………………

“Greggs has credited the fanfare around the launch of its vegan sausage roll for driving a sharp rise in sales.
The bakery chain said the publicity the snack gained helped sales surge 9.6% in the seven weeks to 16 February.
The snack, made from meat substitute quorn, launched at the start of the year, coinciding with Veganuary when many people go vegan for a month.
The update on current trading came as the firm said annual sales had broken through £1bn for the first time.”




You also can bet Greggs haven’t spent anywhere near 500mill to achieve revenues of 1billion a year.

Maybe the smart ass ramping idiots on here can tell us how much Frontera have spent on operations in Georgia and what their last recorded revenue was and how long it has taken them to achieve it.

Maybe then you might be able to understand the situation this company finds itself in and has to lie and deceive in order to keep afloat.


Are you saying that FRR should have spent the 500m on Sausage Rolls booster? What a silly idea.


Oil & Gas Explorer

Sausage roll seller



You don’t know how difficult it was for me turning my screen over t:upside_down_face:o read that article


sorry to burst your bubble mate but it has been on the news all day that Greigs has breached the £1 billion pounds barrier, for the first time and have made a profit of £80 million,not bad for making sausage rolls and pies.


The £1 Billion , Greggs sales figure , equates to everyone in the U.K. spending £15.15 , per year in store. That probably stacks up , but quite staggering and hats off , to the Entrepreneurs behind Greggs success ( A 68 year old company )

But as a Nation ( of 66 million ) we spend £52 Billion on Road fuel ( private and commercial )

Add in annual domestic fuel usage and other travel mode fuel consumption ( air and rail ) and you can see why Frontera have chosen to go into O&G exploration rather than retail bakery !

I genuinely think , although unplanned, that it it was fortuitous that we were forced to de-list.

This will come good ! Stay Strong and Positive

Gray Horse


Not bursting g any bubble for me toastie. My figures are close enough and besides Ive. been out doing the job I love today. It breezy but that only makes it more interesting. Life’s good.

Greggss? Can’t say I indulge to be honest.


Anyone who eats anything that comes out of Greggs needs their head looking at … :wink:


Actually probably their bowel!

The vegan sausage roll media frenzy actually made me less likely to eat there

Where’s the point in a sausage sans Le Meat?


There certainly seems an agenda to encourage the population to eat less animal products. Anyone that has read anything about Dr Weston A Price and Dr Pottenger will know that optimum health can only be achieved through high quality animal products prepared in a correct manner.

Buy British and buy local.


I would like to say I’m a Pret A Manger man but it’s looking more and more like I’ll be a Greggs man aka FRR :joy:


British animal welfare and farming standards are best in the world
Long may that continue

Support British farming indeed :+1:


You’ll all be eating at Greggs soon, the global economy is turning south and we’re in for a market crash same as in 2007.

US jobs data out shortly.


Booster, market economies are based on boom and bust, nothing new there.

The UK economy looks neutral to positive to me. I don’t see a big crash happening, banks are solid and there’s a supply/demand imbalance in housing stock which will prevent a house price crash. There could be a short term blip if there’s a hard Brexit but I don’t see any crash coming. You been reading the prophets bile again?

The biggest threat I see for the future is the automation of jobs and AI. Hopefully by that time FRR will have re-listed and I’ll have made a pot of gold!!!


US jobs data much worse than predicted.

Chinese exports slump

More ECB stimulus

Brexit risk

Record debt,

Wake the **** up.


Well it won’t affect FRR’s share price :rofl: