UKX Long trades



Long at 7381.30. After closing short, looking for a smaller bounce closer to 7440+ day highs.

Edit: Changed thread title to keep all my UKX long trades together in one thread in future. - Cheers.


Closed at 7402.80. Settled for 21.5 points as approximately targeted, though it could well go much higher.

With UKX levels poised near middle of recent range, I’m unlikely to trade this again until next week, as busy day away tomorrow & next direction seems less obvious. Things could go either way after G20 summit planned over coming w/end. Had a decent enough day overall anyway.


Long at 7508.50. Hedging a UKX short in another thread. Reasons: with Sterling low & Iran tensions rising, possibly more price spikes in oil ahead. Target loose, but 7520+ would tempt me.


Closed 7518.80. Booked 10+ points. However, missed earlier spike due to a late night & my limit order was set at 7530 just above the spike. So it sometimes goes.

Now back down to two UKX shorts in the other thread.


Long at 7483.30. Reasons: I anticipate more weakening of the £ soon & further rises in UKX.

Temporary limit order set at 7506.

Edit: Limit order reduced to 7503.50, looking for 20+. Need to leave desk.


Closed at 7501. Booked a quick 17.5+ points as need to go out.


Long at 7508. A bit of a hedge against 1 UKX short.


Closed at 7515.80. Taken 7.5 points prior to what may be a more interesting w/end than usual.

Down to one UKX short in other thread. Perhaps a bit risky to remove this hedge, but one I was glad to take.


Long at 7507. Re-established hedge against one remaining short for next week. Especially with £ weakening again. Slightly better entry to boot.


Closed at 7525. Booked 18 points. Now just holding UKX shorts in the other thread.


Long at 7503.30. This hedging one UKX short.


Closed at 7516.80. Settled for another 13.5 points. Just the one UKX short left.


Long at 7518.50. This hedging 2 shorts.

Small dividend with UKX tonight, but I’d gladly take profit points on the trade if available. - GLA.


Long at 7494.50. Added a 2nd long, hedged by 1 short. Anticipate £ weakening again later.


Closed at 7505.80. Taken 11+ points. Down to 1 long v 2 shorts. - More steady progress.


Long at 7496. Re-added a 2nd. Back to parity with 2 longs hedged by 2 shorts. Still expect the £ to weaken further later.


Closed at 7510.30. Taken 14+ points due to anticipated ongoing volatility.


Closed at 7542. Booked a handy 23.5 points.

Only hold UKX shorts for now. Could be a risky position in the short-term, but I’m still confident we’ve far more downside due later.


Long at 7515. Re-established a long hedge v 2 UKX shorts.


Long at 7496.80. Restored parity with holding 2 longs v 2 UKX shorts.

Seems a good place to be for now. Extreme volatility again today.