UKX Long trades



Long at 7602.80. Re-added a 4th for better overall balance with 7 shorts + reasons stated previously.


Long at 7583. Re-added a 5th, same reasons.


Closed at 7594.30. Booked 11+ points more. Longs down to 4.


Closed at 7612.80. Booked 10 points. Longs back down to 3.


Long at 7598.30. Re-added a 4th. Same logic.


Closed 7614.30. Booked 16 points. Maybe a bit too soon, but would rather secure gains.

Longs down to 3.


Long at 7606.80. Maybe entered a bit too high, but I rather re-add a 4th due to weakness of Sterling.


Closed at 7614.80. Settled for only 8 points as Sterling seems to be recovering a bit. Also need to leave my desk. Longs down to 3.


Long at 7610. Re-added a 4th in case of further bounces stemming from US/China trade deals.


Closed 7632.50. Booked 22.5 points. Longs back down to 3. So ends another decent day overall.


Long at 7621. Re-added a 4th for better balance.

Edit: Temporary limit sell order placed on this at 7642, also a recent resistance level as UKX closed just above that yesterday. Will post later if triggered.


Closed 7641 Booked 20 points. Longs reduced to 3.

No further action planned for today unless we see a reversal or a steep rise from here. In latter case another long may be closed.


Closed at 7660.30. Booked 11+ points. Longs down to 2, hedging 8 shorts.

That imbalance is of course a bit risky, but it follows on from my firm belief that UKX will see shaper reversals later. If I’m very wrong, I may close a couple of shorts at loss. But that decision is for later.


Closed at 7687.30. Booked 17.5+ points. Reasons: UKX closer to YTD highs. Though longs down to 1, it’s a risk my account can easily tolerate even if I do little more on the short-side for a while.


Long at 7668.30. Re-added a 2nd a bit higher than desired, though lower than the one closed, & for obvious reasons in this climate with Sterling’s value continuing to go down.


Long at 7646.30. Re-added a 3rd. Simply makes sense to re-establish more long hedge positions against 8 shorts.


Closed at 7658. Booked 11.5+ points. However, I anticipate a bit of a slog here until UKX drops to at least below 7600. Not a good period for me.

UKX spiked higher just after I closed. Typical. Longs down to 2.


Long at 7644.80. Re-added a 3rd, same logic.


Closed at 7655.80. Booked 11 points. Back down to 2 longs.


Long at 7647.80. A 3rd re-added.