UKX Long trades



Closed at 7654. Settled for another 6+ points to end my day. Longs down to 2.


Closed at 7682.90. Booked 14.5+ points more on an after-hours spike. Longs reduced to 1.


Long at 7655.90. Re-added a 2nd within minutes of closing the last long & at a lower entry level to boot.

Some very volatile moves on low volume as is typical enough after-hours.


Long at 7619.50. Re-added a 3rd, this one a few points away from nearest short.

Nearly 4.00AM right now. Time to retire a brief spell.


Long at 7578.30. Re-added a 4th, now hedging 7 shorts.

A much better overall balance restored for a while. I was down to 1 long & 8 shorts yesterday


Long at 7559.50. A 5th added. Will now leave things for longer until another long or one of 7 shorts is well in profit.


Closed both at 7591.30. Booked a useful 44.8 points. Longs down to 3.


Closed at 7628.80. Booked 9+ points. Longs down to 2.


Long at 7610.80. Re-added a 3rd mostly as Sterling regaining strength.


Long at 7589. Re-added a 4th & willing to add more longs lower down.


Long at 7568.30. A 5th add as premeditated.

Will again let things run on for a while longer until a long or one of 7 shorts is in profit. Sterling value still a bit higher than recently.


Closed 7576.80. Settled for 8.5 points. Reason: next major direction seems less certain for now. Also no UKX dividends this week. Longs down to 4.


Long at 7560. A 5th re-added. Sterling’s value weakening again.


Long at 7535.30. Re-added a 6th, hedging 7 shorts.

Will let things run for a good while as my lowest long only a few points away from my highest short.


Closed at 7551.30. Booked 16 points. Longs reduced to 5.


Long at 7505.80. Re-added a 6th, now hedged with also 6 shorts.


Closed at 7515.80. Booked a very quick 10 points.

Longs down to 5 & that may end my day. Another decent one overall.


Closed both the above at 7618.80. Booked 87.8 points. Longs down to 3.

Didn’t expect the extent of today’s rally after yesterday’s reversal, but not complaining despite still holding 7 shorts.


Closed at 7627.80. Booked another 17 points.

That’s 104.8 points for today & wraps things up for the week. I’ll probably not add to my 7 shorts, but will await a reversal later to re-add more longs


Long at 7606.30. Re-added a 3rd long as an extra hedge for the week ahead. Largely because with volatile, sentiment-driven markets, we can never be 100% sure either way. Over the short-term at least.

Glad to again re-add more longs on further reversals.