UKX Long trades



Long at 7297.50. Added a 10th, hedged by 5 shorts.

Falls seem overdone, but we can never take it for granted. That will do for now.


Closed at 7313. Booked 15.5 points after missing the early spike. Longs down to 9, hedged by 5 shorts.

By the by, UKX dividends recommence rising significantly after this week.


Closed 7394.30. Booked 39 points. Longs down to 8.


Closed at 7434.80. Booked 45.5 points.

Quite a rally today to say the least. Longs reduced to 7.


Closed at 7461. Booked 21.5 points. Longs down to 6.


Long at 7475.30. Re-added a 7th in view of a quick return to more bullish sentiment & restored parity with shorts.


Closed 7486.30. Booked 11 points. Expect more volatility ahead. Longs down to 6.


Long at 7476.80. Re-added a 7th, restored parity with shorts for now.


Closed at 7490.50. Booked another 13.5+ points. Longs down to 6.

Decent day overall & that may have to do for a while as I need to leave my desk in spells tomorrow.


Closed at 7520.30 Booked 22.5+ points. Longs down to 5.

Markets seem irresistibly bullish again, though I think it’s overdone. Could be wrong? But that may have to do for a while as I’ve a busy day ahead.


Long at 7508.30. Re-added a 6th mostly to restore a better balance with shorts, mindful of today’s early highs of 7538+.


Long at 7486. Re-added a 7th & restored parity with shorts.

Will post limit orders soon as I need to be out in spells.

Edit: limit order at 7516.


Closed 7516.30. Booked 30+ points.

Limit order triggered at 12:01:48. Longs down to 6. - Typo corrected.


Long at 7489.30. Re-added a 7th, same logic.


Long at 7472.30. Added an 8th, hedged by 7 shorts.

Will now leave things to run on a while.


Long at 7451.80. Re-added a 9th.

Sterling value still under pressure, UKX dividends to rise significantly from next week & I’m still well hedged with 7 shorts. That’ll be it until either a short or long well in profit.


Closed at 7464.80. Booked 13 points. Longs down to 8.

Would prefer lower & closing another short, mindful of those rising UKX dividends from next week.


Long at 7450.30. Re-added a 9th, same logic as earlier.


Closed at 7460.50. Booked another 10+ points. Longs down to 8.


Long at 7452.50. Re-added a 9th. Now again to await profits on a long or short.