UKX Long trades



Closed at 7486.50. Booked 34 points. Longs down to 8, hedged by 6 shorts.


Closed at 7500.80. Booked another 28.5 points. Longs down to 7.


Closed at 7528.50. Booked another 39+ points. Longs down to 6 & parity with shorts.

That may round off my day, bar re-adding longs on any reversal.


Long at 7499.50. Re-added a 7th as premeditated.


Closed at 7514.80. Booked 15+ points. Parity restored with shorts, for now.


Long at 7499.80. Re-added a 7th. Same logic with decent dividend this week.

Glad to add more longs again if it falls much lower.


Closed at 7525.80. Booked 26 points. Longs down to 6 & parity with shorts.

Will review re-adding another long for UKX dividend of near 18 points later tonight. Small one paid last night.


Closed at 7541.80. Booked 33.5 points. Longs down to 5.

But with 6 shorts held, will reconsider re-adding a long later or take the UKX dividend hit for almost 18 points on one net short.


Long at 7528.80. Re-added a 6th.

A bit higher than I wanted, but I’ve decided to restore parity with 6 shorts, keep all of today’s gains & absorb tonight’s near-18 point UK divi without a hit.


Closed at 7546.30. Settled for 17.5 points. Longs down to 5.


Long at 7542.50. Re-added a 6th for same reasons as above. Protect all today’s gains from significant dividend hit.

Though again a higher re-entry than I’d like, OTOH, we’ve more decent UKX dividends after this week. So it’ll serve its purpose until it’s closed. Also, Sterling still weak.


Closed at 7542.50. Zero points on this, but that wasn’t the main goal on this particular long. Reason for the late long re-add was, as stated earlier, to avoid a dividend hit of 18 points & protect all the day’s gains. Job done! But I was also lucky as euphoric US markets dragged up UKX tonight. Longs down to 5, hedging 6 shorts.


Long at 7514.70. Re-added a 6th. Quite a dip in just 20+ minutes since my last post.


Long at 7488.30. Re-added a 7th. As I may be busy away from desk in spells, will set a limit order at 7519 on this one. Glad to re-add more longs lower down.


Long at 7452.80. An 8th re-added as selling might be overdone. Limit on this at 7483. That’ll do for now.


Closed at 7464. Booked 11+ points, overruling limit. Longs down to 7.


Long at 7443.80. Re-added an 8th. Will let this run on until I return with a limit of 7479.


Long at 7416.50. Re-added a 9th. Won’t add more until a long or one of 6 shorts closed.


Closed at 7430.80. Booked 14+ points. Longs down to 8.

Will now leave things & let previous limit orders run. Need to leave my desk. That’s probably a good thing as future market direction seems harder to predict right now.


Long at 7416. Re-added a 9th. Limit order on this at 7432. Now to finally leave my desk. Typo corrected as posted in rush.