UKX Long trades



Closed 7508. Booked 13+ points. Back down to parity with long v short.

Will let remaining UKX long run. Limit order on the one short (in other thread) at 7471. If triggered, will post later. Busy day away from desk.


Long at 7493. Re-added a 2nd, hedged by 1 short.

Temporary limit order on this at 7539.


Closed at 7539.30. Booked a very useful 46+ points. This via limit order; time 13.54.

Occasionally being forced away from one’s desk pays off even better than had one been present!


Closed at 7553. Booked another 38 points.

Rounds off a very good week for me. Just 2 UKX shorts left.


Long at 7683.50. New long hedging 4 UKX shorts. However, would gladly take profits if 7700+ seen again.


Closed at 7703. Booked 19.5 points. Mostly due to established methodology. Could go much higher before it reverses. Hard to be sure. When in doubt… say no more!


Long at 7685.80. Another new long hedging 4 shorts. Target again, 7700+.


Long at 7674.80. Added a 2nd long as a hedge.

Now to sit tight until profits seen on a long or one of the shorts.


Closed at 7683.30. Booked 8.5 points.

Would’ve preferred it to have dropped lower & allowed me to close 1 of 4 shorts. Keeping 2 longs as a hedge. But as it is, still another profitable trade. Can’t complain.


Long at 7669.50. Re-added a 2nd long hedge. Reasons same.


Long at 7635. A 3rd long add, hedged by 3 shorts.

Prefer to keep parity for now due to a very volatile climate.


Closed at 7646.30. Taken a quick 11+ points mostly due to ongoing volatility.


Long at 7626. Re-added a 3rd. Still hedging 3 UKX shorts.

Next week’s UKX dividend cited as 23.68 points, subject to exchange rates.


Long at 7590.30. A 4th long add still hedged by 2 shorts.

UKX dividends for next week (8th August) now cited as 27.37 points for long positions. That could possibly rise further still. However, will be glad to book profits on this long if available.


Long at 7555. A 5th & final add looking for a bounce after tonight’s sharp dip. These hedged by 2 shorts.


Closed at 7574. Booked 19 quick points. Reasons as per recently: extreme volatility that’s ongoing.

Down to 4 longs hedged by 2 shorts.


Long at 7562.80. Re-added a 5th, same reasoning.


Closed at 7585.30. Settled for 22.5 points due to ongoing volatility.

The 4 open longs still hedged by 2 shorts.


Long at 7559.30 . Re-added a 5th. The £ still going to pot & hard Brexit talk remains rife.


Closed at 7572.80. Booked 13.5 points. Very volatile & I’ve enough exposure with 4 longs & 2 shorts left.