UKX Long trades



Long at 7382.30. Re-added a 6th & a bit of extra long cover in view of US & other markets currently flying.


Closed 7401.30. Booked 19 points. Down to 5 longs.

I feel it’s over-bought in view of an uncertain GE outcome. But that doesn’t mean it won’t continue going higher. Even decades ago, John Maynard Keynes was spot on about “irrational” markets.


Long at 7380.80. Re-added a 6th long at similar levels, for same reasons as earlier today.

Edit: corrected typo in “re-added”.


Closed 7391.30. Booked 10.5 points. Hopefully UKX coming off the boil a bit. Back down to 5 longs.


Long at 7376.10. Back in with a 6th re-add. Same logic.


Closed 7388.80. Booked 12.5+ points. Back down to 5 longs.

A reversal over the next few days would be handy due to holding greater short exposure. But US markets looking strong & such sentiment can be contagious.


Long at 7375.30. Re-added a 6th for extra cover. Same logic as previous posts.


Closed 7394. Booked 18.5+ points. Down to 5 longs, hedging 8 shorts.


Long at 7372.80. Re-added a 6th again. Same logic. Also a better balance with 8 shorts.


Closed at 7389.30. Booked 16.5 points. Back down to 5 longs.


Long at 7380.80. Re-added a 6th for added cover as hedging still 8 shorts.

Edit: Temporary limit order set on this at 7402. If triggered, will post later when I return.


Long at 7310.80. Added a 7th long, hedging 8 shorts.

Will allow things to run a while as either this long or a short will be in profit. Only 10+ points between them.


Closed 7328.80. Booked another 18 points. Longs back down to 6.


Long at 7333.80. Re-added a 7th long on today’s retreat, also mindful of this week’s dividend. These hedging 8 shorts.


Closed 7344. Booked 10+ points as we’ve possible stronger resistance not far above this. I could be mistaken, but longs back down to 6 for now.


Long at 7362.30. Strategic 7th re-added, hedging 9 shorts.

Only 11 points separating my last short & this long add. I’d prefer more selling later & to close a short. However, just in case it goes up again, I wanted more cover for this week’s near 16 points dividend.

Edit: Rationale added.


Long at 7331.30. Added an 8th & restored parity with shorts for a little while. Will now let things run without further adds.


Closed 7348.30. Booked 17 points. It’ll help soak up tonight’s divi hit. Back down to 7 longs.


Long at 7318. Re-added an 8th & restored parity for a very brief while as my highest short less than 13 points away.


Closed at 7330.30. Booked 12+ points. Caught a sharp spike inside 3 minutes. Pure luck of course! Back down to 7 longs.