UKX Long trades



Long at 7318.80. An 8th re-added, same logic.


Closed 7339.30. Booked a useful 20.5 points. Longs reduced to 7 again.


Long at 7320.80. An 8th re-added with same logic.

That said, I’d prefer more reversals soon & to begin closing more of my 8 remaining shorts. Longs mostly pay for themselves via UKX dividends.


Closed at 7327.80. Settled for only 7 points on this one.

Possible greater resistance ahead & I want to keep a slight short bias for now. Back down to 7 longs.


Long 7299.80. Re-added an 8th. Only a few points difference between this & one of my shorts.


Closed 7307.30. Booked only 7.5 points. They all count over time. Longs back down to 7.


Long 7308. Re-added an 8th & restored parity with shorts for a brief spell.


Closed 7320.50. Booked a quick 12.5 points. Longs reduced to 7 again.


Long at 7299.30. An 8th re-added & parity with shorts restored temporarily.

Limit sell order on this long only set at 7320 for this afternoon.


Closed 7304.30. Booked just 5 more points before the w/end. Back down to 7 longs & restored parity with shorts.


Closed at 7377.80. Booked 15.5 points after some hesitation. I think down again in good time, but I could be wrong. Down to 6 longs.


Closed at 7398.80. Booked another 18 points & now down to 5 longs. However, now slightly overweight on the short side.


Long at 7389.30. Re-added a 6th for added long cover.


Long at 7363.80. Re-added a 7th long as more cover for still a greater weight of shorts, mindful of today’s highs of 7406+.


Long at 7341.80. Re-added an 8th for same reasons as before.


Long at 7231.30. Added a 9th, hedged by 7 shorts. Still feel we’ll see decent bounces before 12/12.

This long 2 points away from my nearest short.


Closed at 7251.30. Booked 20 points on the anticipated bounce. Longs down to 8.


Long at 7210.80. Re-added a 9th after another UKX sell-off & not far off my nearest short.

These hedged by now 6 shorts. I still think there are bounces ahead before 12/12’s GE.


Closed 7220.80. Booked 10 points. Back down to 8 longs & an overall better balance with 6 shorts.


Long at 7220.80. Re-added a 9th for same reasons. Will now let things run a while.