UKX Long trades



Closed at 7231.80. Taken 11 points. Longs reduced to a better balance of 8 versus 6 shorts.

Won’t be able to trade much tomorrow as away most of the day. So it’ll have to do.


Closed 7369. Booked 27+ points on another successive bounce.

Longs down to 7. UKX seems overbought, but I still hold 8 shorts.


Closed at 7378.80. Booked 15 points.

Down to 6 longs & will now allow other longs that go into profit to run on a while, just in case of more irrational euphoria.


Closed at 7407.80. Booked 18.5 points.

Down to 5 longs & I’ll now sit on the sidelines a while, unless re-adding a 6th long on any sharp reversal.


Long at 7392. Re-added a 6th for a extra cover. Still over 20 points away from my nearest short.


Closed 7402.80. Booked 10.5+ points. Challenging markets. Back down to 5 longs.


Long at 7385.30. Re-added a 6th for same reasons. More long cover, though prefer it falling further.


Closed at 7395.30. Booked 10 points as I may need to leave my desk. They all count of course.


Long at 3377.80. Re-added a 6th with same logic. Extra long cover.


Long at 7343.30. Re-added a 7th long for future bounces as being more likely due to how the GE & Brexit may well unravel.

Also wanted more long cover for now with the start of a new month on Monday, which tends to be bullish.


Closed at 7374.50. Booked 31+ points.

Back down to 6 longs. Decent start to a new month, be it just after 3.00AM.


Closed at 7398.30. Booked 20.5+ points more on what is hopefully some typical new month’s exuberance that won’t last much beyond today. But hard to be sure? Down to 5 longs.

Edit: Quoted original trade said 3377.80, but it was obviously a typo & 7377.80 was meant when opened just 3 days ago.


Long at 7388.80. Re-added a 6th long for added cover. Same logic.


Long at 7341.30. Re-added a 7th for better balance due to uncertainty ahead with next week’s GE. These still hedging 8 shorts.


Long at 7303.50. Re-added an 8th & restored parity with UKX shorts, be it for a brief spell only.


Long at 7262. Back to 9 longs, hedged by 7 shorts. Will now let things run on a while.


Long at 7186. Added a 10th, hedged by now 6 shorts.

Reasons: perhaps a decent Boris bounce after next week’s GE? Not guaranteed by any means, but seemingly likely.


Closed 7236. Booked 50 points. Very handy as longs reduced to 9, now hedged by 5 shorts.

Much better overall balance, though I’m glad to keep a long bias for now. - Edit: typo with “I’m”.


Long at 7212.80. Re-added a 10th as still bullish for a bigger rise later this week for previously cited reasons: a likely Tory majority win.


Closed at 7224.30. Booked 11.5 points. Longs reduced to 9, hedged by 5 shorts.