UKX Long trades



Long at 7213. Re-added a 10th, same logic.


Closed at 7224.30. Booked 11+ points.

Down to 9 longs, hedged by 5 shorts. A better balance for the GE outcome on the 12th.


Closed 7276.30. Booked 14+ points. Longs reduced to 8, hedged by 5 shorts.


Long at 7271.80. Re-added a 9th as more upside seems due if Tories win the GE, as seems likely, & for typically bullish seasonal factors.


Closed 7281.50. Booked 9.5+ points. Longs reduced to 8 again.

A better overall balance with 5 shorts… just in case of any GE shocks tomorrow.


Long at 7272.30. Re-added a 9th. Same reasons as before.


Closed at 7280.30. Booked only 8 points as feeling a bit skittish about GE outcome. Longs reduced to 8 again.

Reports indicate we’ve a huge turnout at polling stations across the nation. Hopefully, younger voters are out in unprecedented numbers to cast their vote & fight for their futures. Even a hung Parliament will do if it stops the lying Johnson from taking outright power.


Closed at 7347.80. Booked 44+ points. Longs reduced to 7, hedged by 5 shorts.


Long at 7294.50. Re-added an 8th.

Strong Tory majority win & the added certainty provided may well see more rises later. Don’t mind holding more longs if wrong for now.


Closed at 7335.50. Booked another 41 points on the bullish sentiment. Back down to 7 longs.


Closed at 7386.30. Booked another 45 points on the euphoria. Longs reduced to 6.


Closed at 7425. Booked another 36+ points. Down to 5 longs… for now.


Long at 7385.50. Re-added a 6th & restored parity with shorts.

Crazy volatility, but excellent conditions for traders!


Closed at 7410.80. Booked another 25+ points. Longs back down to 5.


Long at 7385.30. Re-added a 6th, same logic. Some day!


Long at 7358. Re-added a 7th, hedged by 6 shorts.


Closed at 7381.80. Booked 23.5+ points. Back down to 6 longs.


Closed 7425.30. Booked 40 points. Down to 5 longs, hedging 6 shorts.


Closed at 7530.50. Booked 21.5 points. This one of 5 longs from just before Trump’s tariff wars escalation. Down to 4 longs.

Won’t do anything more for a while as markets are wholly sentiment-driven. Little logic apparent.


Long at 7496.30. Re-added a 5th for more cover, just in case.