UKX Long trades



Closed 7516.30. Booked 20 points. Longs back down to 4.

Still feel the rise is overdone, but I could be mistaken.


Long at 7497.30. Re-added a 5th for same reasons, hedging 6 shorts.


Closed 7512.30. Booked 15 points. Longs back down to 4.

Need to leave my desk a while so a break due.


Closed at 7606.30. Booked 16 points.

Rightly or wrongly, hard to be sure in this climate, longs reduced to 3.


Closed at 7648.60. Booked 22.5+ points. Longs reduced to 2, but hedging 8 shorts. Not the best of ratios to have in this climate.

If we don’t see a sell-off in the New Year, I may have to re-add more longs or even close a couple of shorts at loss for obvious reasons.


Long at 7643.50. Re-added a 3rd due to current euphoria, some of it perhaps seasonal.


Closed at 7659.50. Booked a very quick 16 points.

Markets extremely volatile. No time to hang about. Longs back down to 2.


Long at 7649.80. Re-added a 3rd, same reasons.


Closed at 7658.80. Booked 9 points. Longs back down to 2.


Long at 7649.30. Re-added a 3rd even if I think UKX is overdone. Really have no choice & I’d rather end up holding longs underwater longer-term than shorts for fairly obvious reasons.


Closed 7657.30. Booked 8 points as Sterling seems to be strengthening again. Rather books any gains at this time of year, especially with volumes lower than usual.


Long at 7649. Re-added a 3rd, same logic. These still hedging 8 shorts.


Long at 7613.80. A 4th re-add in view of more seasonal bullishness being quite possible. Still hold 8 shorts.


Closed 7625.80. Booked 12 points. Longs reduced to 3.

Slim pickings more recently, but they all count cumulatively.


Long at 7600.80. Re-added a 4th for same reasons.


Closed at 7611.80. Booked another 11 points. That may have to do for a while as I’ve a busy day tomorrow.


Long at 7598.80. Re-added a 4th, logic same as before.


Closed 7609. Booked 10+ points.

So overall not too bad a day, though I would prefer a bigger sell-off sooner than later & those existing UKX shorts have to be addressed at some point.


Long at 7599.80. Re-added a 4th.


Closed at 7610.30. Booked 10.5 points.

I may be wrong, but I think UKX goes down again later after the early New Year’s exuberance runs dry. Down to 3 longs.