UKX Short trades



Short at 7429. Reasons: resistance levels not far above.


Closed at 7375.30. Booked over 54.5 points. One of my better UKX trades for a while. Some luck also involved with timing.

Edit: Changed thread title to keep all my UKX short trades together in one thread in future.

Edit: Academic correction, took 53.7 points on this trade, not over 54.5. - Cheers.


Short at 7421. Reasons: same as before, ie. resistance levels not far above.

Target modest. As I need to go out a while, limit order placed at 7401 looking for 20 points.


Closed at 7411.80. Settled for 9+ points before the weekend & mindful of G20 Summit ahead.


Short at 7494.30. Reasons: YTD resistance from April not far above at circa 7520+. Index seems overbought on G20 optimism.


Short 7515.30. Added a 2nd position for reasons as before.

Unlikely to add again, but glad to hold both these well beyond today if necessary. Plenty of reasons ahead that may cause a sharper sell-off across UKX.


Closed 7503.30. Booked 12 points due to uncertain climate, despite UKX at YTD highs. Rather take more gains than be sorry. One short left.


Short at 7517.80. Re-added a 2nd UKX short for reasons as above.


Closed 7506.80. Booked another 11 points more so as an insurance against further rises. Back down to one UKX short.


Short at 7526.30. Re-added a 2nd UKX short for same reasons.

Once again, that’ll be it until profits realised.


Closed 7512.30. Taken a very quick 14 points due to existing short exposure.


Short at 7520.30. Re-added 2nd UKX short. Reasons the same.

Will set a temporary limit order on this at 7500 as need to be out a while.


Closed at 7510.30. Took another 10 points just as ready to go out. No regrets about booking profits in this business.


Short at 7523.80. Re-added again. Temporary limit order on this at 7510.


Short at 7543.80. A 3rd & probably final short add for now. Resistance ahead & I still think a sharper reverse due later.


Closed at 7533.80. Taken another 10 points. No special reason. Just prefer booking gains with two UKX shorts still left open.


Short at 7543.30. Re-added a 3rd UKX short for reasons as above.


Short at 7609.20. A 4th & possibly final UKX short add as little sustaining this rise to YTD highs, bar low Sterling due to more hard Brexit talk.


Closed at 7588.80. Booked 20+ points before w/end as I’ve enough short exposure left.

Dividend hit on this was 1.97 points. Down to 3 UKX shorts.

Edit: Correction: no dividend hit on this short as opened soon after midnight yesterday. - Cheers.


Short at 7570. Re-added a 4th UKX short. Reasons as before.