UKX Short trades



Closed 7576.30. Booked 12.5+ points,

Makes sense as I’ve a busy day away from my desk later. Shorts reduced to 7 again.

Edit: 12.5+ points, not 13.5 as previously stated. Rushed posting as getting ready to go out.


Short at 7620.30. Re-added an 8th, same logic.


Closed 7607.30. Booked another 13 points. Shorts back down to 7. That wraps up a decent day.


Short at 7615. Re-added an 8th due to a frankly unexpected strong bounce overnight.


Closed at 7594.80. Booked a quick 20+ points, just in case of further bounces soon.

Shorts back down to 7.


Closed at 7514.80. Booked 20 points. Shorts reduced to 6, hedged by now 5 longs.


Short at 7535.30. Re-added a 7th, hedged by 6 longs. Still have a slight bias to the short side.

Typo corrected as posted in early morning rush: opened 7535.30, not 7353.30.


Short at 7592.20. Re-added an 8th. Hedged by 4 longs.


Closed 7581.80. Booked 10+ points & reduced shorts to 7.

Working overtime again, but it rounds off another decent week for me.


Short at 7634. Re-added an 8th. Despite weaker Sterling, things again look overdone & retesting recent resistance levels.


Closed 7611. Booked 23 points. However, I remain under the cosh as I still hold 7 shorts & Sterling’s increasing weakness not helpful.


Short at 7626.30. Re-added an 8th as I feel UKX is overdone & resistance levels not far above.


Closed 7611.80. Booked 14.5 points. Shorts reduced to 7.


Short at 7629.30. An 8th re-added, same logic.


Closed at 7615.30. Booked 14 points more. Shorts down to 7.


Short at 7627.80. Another 8th re-add partly due to Sterling hopefully finding support & resistance not far above.


Closed 7617.80. Booked 10 points more. Shorts down to 7 again.


Short at 7638. An 8th re-added due to recent resistance not far above.


Closed 7624. Booked 14 points. I anticipate a trickier than usual day or two ahead. Shorts down to 7.


Short at 7638.30. Try to repeat with an 8th re-added. Same logic (ie. resistance not far above, et al).