UKX Short trades



Short at 7535.30. Re-added a 7th, hedged by 6 longs. Still have a slight bias to the short side.

Typo corrected as posted in early morning rush: opened 7535.30, not 7353.30.


Short at 7592.20. Re-added an 8th. Hedged by 4 longs.


Closed 7581.80. Booked 10+ points & reduced shorts to 7.

Working overtime again, but it rounds off another decent week for me.


Short at 7634. Re-added an 8th. Despite weaker Sterling, things again look overdone & retesting recent resistance levels.


Closed 7611. Booked 23 points. However, I remain under the cosh as I still hold 7 shorts & Sterling’s increasing weakness not helpful.


Short at 7626.30. Re-added an 8th as I feel UKX is overdone & resistance levels not far above.


Closed 7611.80. Booked 14.5 points. Shorts reduced to 7.


Short at 7629.30. An 8th re-added, same logic.


Closed at 7615.30. Booked 14 points more. Shorts down to 7.


Short at 7627.80. Another 8th re-add partly due to Sterling hopefully finding support & resistance not far above.


Closed 7617.80. Booked 10 points more. Shorts down to 7 again.


Short at 7638. An 8th re-added due to recent resistance not far above.


Closed 7624. Booked 14 points. I anticipate a trickier than usual day or two ahead. Shorts down to 7.


Short at 7638.30. Try to repeat with an 8th re-added. Same logic (ie. resistance not far above, et al).


Closed 7625. Taken 13+ points. Difficult period for short positions.


Short at 7638.80. An 8th re-add, same reasons as recent shorts.


Closed at 7632.30. Settled for 6.5 points more. It’ll cushion tonight’s small dividend hit.

By the by, UKX short positions seem to be relatively okay for a few weeks as regards divi hits. Nothing of any account for a while. Though when they mount later in the year, they’ll come thick & fast. Back down to 7 shorts. - Edit: typo.


Short at 7652. Re-added an 8th. Same logic.


Closed at 7638. Booked 14 points. Probably closed much too soon with Sterling recovering a bit today, but with 7 shorts left, I’d rather book more points as I need to leave my desk later.


Short 7615.30. Re-added an 8th due to stronger Sterling & today’s reversal from recent resistance levels. These hedged by 4 longs.