UKX Short trades



Short at 7144.30. Re-established a 3rd UKX short, still hedging 6 longs. Reasons as recently stated here.


Short at 7178.80. Back to 4 UKX shorts hedging 6 longs.

Will now let things run on a while until much higher seen, or decent profits taken.


Short at 7213. A 5th UKX short for same reasons.

May demand more patience before they come good again, but I think they will do. These still covered by 6 longs.


Closed at 7201. Settled for a quick 12 points during after-hours volatility as next direction harder to determine.

Down to 4 UKX shorts, which is fine & will be glad to add again on any bigger rises.


Short at 7209.80. Re-added a 5th for same reasons as prior.

Glad to add one more higher up if available. - Typo corrected.


Closed 7191. Booked 18.5+ points as we may see more upside later with a weakening £. Down to 4 shorts.


Short at 7211. Re-added a 5th, reasons as before.

Need to be out a while so temporary limit order on this at 7191. Will post if triggered later.


Closed at 7191 for 20 points. Limit order triggered at 10:55. Decent enough. Still hold 4 shorts.


Closed at 7158.30. Booked another 20+ points.

Now down to 3 UKX shorts, still hedging 6 longs. Not without added risk in the current climate, but little is risk-free with markets.


Short at 7171.30. Re-added a 4th UKX short as more downside later very likely.


Closed at 7157.30. Booked 14 points, mindful of the after-hours spike to 7183+. Greater volatility becoming a pattern more recently.

Back down to 3 shorts. But another decent day overall.


Short at 7172.30. Another re-add for same reasons & back up to 4 shorts still hedging 6 longs.

Unlikely to add again for a while unless it goes much higher from these levels as also mindful of this week’s UKX dividend paying a decent 9.5 points. So I may stay net long for now.


Closed 7151.80. Booked 20.5 points in keeping with my approach. Down to 3 shorts again.


Short at 7175.80. Re-added a 4th short amid some very extreme volatility. UKX just jumped 30+ points in under a minute.

But content with the balance of things as these continue hedging 6 longs.

Edit: temporary limit order on this position at 7155 as I need to leave my desk for a couple of hours.


Closed at 7156.80. Booked 19 points, mindful of UKX dividends come end of tonight. Also a busy day out tomorrow. - Back down to 3 shorts hedging 6 longs.


Short at 7188.30. Gone up high enough for me to re-add a 4th short in view of the macro uncertainties facing UK PLC. I remain net long.


Closed 7148. Booked 40+ points. Rounds off another VG, but highly volatile day.

Typo edited: “off” not “of”.


Short at 7174.80. Re-added a 4th short as recent bounces across UKX not being consolidated due to macro uncertainties. Those unlikely to disappear anytime soon.

Will set a temporary limit order on this at 7144 as I’m away from my desk in spells throughout today.


Closed at 7144. Booked 30.5+ points. Limit order triggered at 8:35:32. Back down to 3 shorts.


Short at 7170.80. Re-added 4th short for same reasons.

A temporary limit order set at 7140 as I need to be out again soon.