UKX Short trades



Closed at 7155. Booked a very quick 15.5+ points as I’d rather take gains during extreme volatility.

Will re-add shorts on any decent rise, though I have to go out soon so maybe much later.


Short at 7169.30. Re-added a 4th; reasons the same.

Limit order on this at 7138 just for today. No too bothered if it doesn’t trigger, but will post later if it does.


Closed 7155.30. Booked 14 points. Reasons may be obvious enough: Sterling strength & low volume after-hours volatility. In context, UKX closed 7186+ at end of regular market hours.


Short at 7170. Reasons same. Back up to 4 shorts.


Short at 7202.80. A 5th add for same reasons. Would be glad to add twice more higher up.


Closed at 7190.80. Booked 12 points due to growing uncertainty over Brexit. Back down to 4 shorts.


Short at 7205. Re-added a 5th. Logic as before.


Short at 7242. A 6th short; reasons the same. Parity restored between UKX shorts & longs.


Closed 7221.30. Booked 20.5+ points as next major move seems less certain. Back down to 5 shorts.

Trickier than usual markets today with both Sterling & many UK-centric stocks flying due to Brexit Deal optimism. It could be short-lived though? Impossible to be sure.


Short at 7232.30. Logic as before. Back to parity between shorts & longs.


Closed 7218.70. Booked another 13.5+ points with minutes left.

That’s dedication of sorts & position closed for reasons as before. Huge macro uncertainty ahead! Down to 5 shorts again.


Short at 7225.30. Re-added a 6th short to restore parity with longs. Reasons the same.


Closed 7211. Booked 14+ points due to ongoing uncertainty & anticipated greater volatility.

Back down to 5 shorts.


Closed at 7185. Booked 20 points & now down to 4 UKX shorts. Reasons the same.


Short at 7210. Re-added a 5th.

Sterling strength increasing on Brexit optimism, but I think UKX retreats again later due to other uncertainties, namely a likely early GE that may go either way.


Closed at 7194. Booked 16 points. Markets going through periods of slower moving, tighter ranges. Maybe the calm before the storm? Back down to 4 shorts.


Short at 7200.30. Re-added a 5th for same reasons.


Closed 7186.50. Booked 13.5+ points. They all count. Back down to 4 shorts again.


Short at 7201. Back in with a 5th add, same logic.


Closed 7186. Booked 15 points. Back down to 4 shorts. So it goes.