UKX Short trades



Closed at 7158.50. Booked 11.5 points. Down to 3 shorts, but will now have to hold those for more points as they’re also hedging 7 longs.

Ideally, today’s added long position can be redeemed sooner than later. Can’t be sure.


Short at 7168.30. Re-added 4th short as an added safeguard as they’re hedging now 7 longs.


Closed at 7155.80. Booked 12.5 points to end my day. Back down to 3 shorts.

Will be looking to re-add shorts again on any bounce.


Short at 7170.30. A 4th short re-added as intended to offer a better overall balance of positions in view of 7 longs held. Little rest afforded in this volatile climate.


Short at 7198.30. Re-added a 5th with same logic.

Edit: As I’m away from my desk a while, temporary limit orders set on 2 shorts only, just in case. The one above set at 7175 & order at 7150 order for a short at 7170.30.


Short at 7218.80. A 6th re-add & parity restored between shorts & longs. In view of volatile macro-factors, seems a good place to be for now.


Closed 7205.30. Booked 13.5 points. Down to 5 shorts.

As I need to pop out again, the 2 limit orders posted over an hour ago remain active a while longer.


Short at 7215.50. Re-added a 6th to restore parity. Same reasons.


Closed 7205.30. Booked another 10+ points. Down to 5 shorts again.


Short at 7235. A 6th re-add. Parity with longs restored. Logic the same.


Closed at 7214.50. Booked 20.5 points to maintain momentum. Good habit to keep. Down to 5 shorts for now.


Short at 7218.30. Re-added a 6th quickly as I want to restore parity.

I still strongly feel that ongoing uncertainty over Brexit may lead to a bigger shake-up across UKX closer to the w/end before Saturday’s special Parliamentary session.


Closed at 7202.30. Booked 16 points.

Back down to 5 shorts, which still gives me plenty of cover. But another decent day overall.


Closed at 7175. Booked 23+ points.

Down to 4 shorts which I’ll leave open for more points for obvious reasons. Extreme volatility out there.


Closed at 7149.80. Booked another 20.5 points. Now down to 3 shorts.

Ideally we’ll see a bounce today so I can re-add one or two. If not & UKX keeps falling, will hold last 3 shorts for more points.


Short at 7163. Re-added a 4th quickly.

Entry lower than I wished. But UK’s macro reality before such an important Parliamentary vote this Saturday calls for more short cover, still hedging 6 longs. Just in case of disappointments.


Short at 7185.50. Re-added a 5th as an extra insurance in case of high-stakes political drama after today. Too much uncertainty.

But a better overall balance with 6 longs still open.


Closed at 7175.30. Booked 10+ points.

Short cover down to 4 positions which seems just adequate, but would re-add on any bounce.


Closed at 7149. Booked another 14 points.

That will be it for this week as far as closing more shorts goes. Down to 3 shorts. I’d re-add shorts if we see a bounce.


Short at 7160.30. Reinforced my short cover with re-adding a 4th. Huge Brexit w/end ahead!