UKX Short trades



Closed 7299. Taken 27.5 points.

I think certainly lower again later, however, I need to leave my desk soon, so I’d rather book more gains than risk a limit order not triggering before the w/end. Back down to 7 shorts.


Short at 7322. Re-added an 8th as I prefer to stay well-weighted to the short side.

Politically speaking, UK is in a mess of unparalleled proportions. It can go on only for so long, before the unravelling.


Closed at 7297. Booked 25 points. Reasons: standard procedure amid ongoing volatility. Down to 7 shorts.


Short at 7324.30. Re-added an 8th with same logic.


Closed 7298.80. Settled for 25.5 points as plenty of bearish exposure left. Back down to 7 shorts.


Short at 7307.30. Re-added an 8th due to the political chaos in UK.

Perhaps too soon? It could go back up. But I’ve plenty of UKX long cover if it does.


Closed 7294.30. Settled for 13 points more. Down to 7 shorts again.


Short at 7302. Back in with an 8th; same logic.

Will let this one run as I need to leave desk a brief spell.


Closed 7276.80. Booked another 25+ points. As I was out when it was lower & no limit order, it’ll do.

Back down to 7 shorts.


Short at 7301.30. Re-added an 8th due to likely increased political turmoil ahead.


Closed 7289.80. Settled for 11.5 points.

Rather book more gains in a volatile climate. But another decent day overall.


Short at 7300.80. Re-added an 8th for same reasons.


Closed at 7290.80. Booked 10 points.

Back down to 7 shorts. Have to go out later so taking more gains not a bad idea.


Short at 7303. Re-added an 8th. Will probably allow this one to run a while as I need to leave my desk later.


Closed at 7288.50. Booked 14.5 points. Down to 7 shorts. Very volatile day. Pity I need to leave my desk.


Short at 7300.30. An 8th re-added for the potential political chaos ahead.


Short at 7381.30. A 9th add here, only feasible as I still hold 5 UKX longs as cover.

But difficult markets & currently going against any sound rationale in UK.


Starting to look messy Jack IMHO

Keep it simple mate


Hi Regardless,

Thanks. I see where you’re coming from. It may seem that way to those who only hold real shares long-term, but this is what I do. These days I barely look at my real share holdings, with exceptions. They’ll take care of themselves whilst paying dividends. All my leveraged resources focused on trading UKX (bar 3 small IQE longs, soon to be closed).

All my longs & shorts are within the range of UKX highs & lows seen over the past 2 years. My margin is big enough to hold these comfortably &, in perspective, I only hold 4 shorts net as I still have 5 UKX longs covering.

Nothing easy about it of course. Timing is inevitably tricky. Markets can be irrational. But I’ve taken enough gains since March to make it worthwhile.

That said, I doubt I’ll be doing much leveraged trading in my 60s. :wink: - Regards.


Closed at 7371. Booked 10+ points. Largely as I still hold 8 shorts, now hedged by 6 longs, & we’ve UKX dividends ahead. Next week’s already 15+ points. That could get higher yet. This week’s still 6+ pts.