UKX Short trades



Closed at 1769. Booked 31+ points. Obviously prefer a decent bounce soon than going lower.


Short at 7186. Reestablished some short protection against underwater longs.


Closed at 7161.50. Booked 24.5 points. That may be it from me until we see a decent bounce.


Short at 7172.50. Re-added a short hedge for same reasons.


Closed at 7153. Settled for a further 19.5 points. Rounds off another decent day, but looking to go short again on any bounce.


Short at 7171.50. Decent bounce from yesterday’s lows. Again re-established a new short hedge mostly as protection against UKX longs.


Closed at 7134. Booked 37.5 points. Bar shorting further bounces, that may have to do before a longer Bank Holiday w/end.


Short at 7148.30. Re-established another protective short hedge in view of China raising tariffs on US exports today & the chances of Trump hitting back with further increases on China’s exports to raise the ante further still.


Short at 7172. Added a 2nd short hedge for same reasons in case of heightened jitters over the longer BH w/end. Glad to keep both open for next week unless decent gains available sooner.


Closed both shorts at 7102. Points taken 116.30.

Rounds off an excellent day for me come what may.


Short at 7103. New strategic short hedge, mindful of intraday falls below 7000 during after-hours trading yesterday.


Closed at 7068.30. Booked 34.5+ points.

Rather take decent gains, though UKX not without risk of much further downside. But rightly or wrongly, I still consider a GE to be at least a few weeks away & so further upward spikes seem likely.


Short at 106.50. New protective short hedge to 5 longs. Will add on further rises.


Short at 7116.30. Added a 2nd for same reasons. Will now hang fire a little.

Target for later will be at least more than 50 points for each short.


Closed at 7069. Settled for 47+ points on 1 short only largely as gains came sooner than I anticipated. One short hedge left.


Closed at 7062.80. Settled for a further 43.5+ points. Same reasons.

Gains too quick & too much to let slip away. I also think we’ll continue to see more upward spikes before the bigger sell-off later.


Short at 7098. Again a new hedge short. Will continue to add more shorts if UKX continues rising. I don’t feel very confident that gains will be consolidated for long in this climate.


Short at 7120. Premeditated 2nd protective short hedge.

Now to hang fire again for a longer period. Would only add a 3rd short if over 7150 seen.


Short at 7156.30. A 3rd protective hedge to 5 UKX longs for same reasons. That’s it from me for a while as market moves pan out.


Short at 7204. A 4th protective hedge to still 5 UKX longs in case of a GE announcement very soon &, probably, a final one unless much higher levels seen.