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The second placing this year by Beaufort over August bank holiday @ 20p was 70% higher then the primary bid placing @ 12p ( not sure if that was exclusive ) on 6th February 2017 .

Interestingly after the February one it fell to 10p… and the later one held .
Now 24p
Maybe primary bid look after customers better then beaufort ? ( Do they wear the company’s hat ? )


This pattern of a massive rise from early placing , and the brokers suggesting another soon after was repeated for FRR this Wednesday.
But unlike FRR the first one here was the overnight one.


This one a good advert for primary bid.
There offer over just 4 hours, on Thursday 6 July 17 ( 5 to 9 pm ) £2m @ 12p in hindsight a bargain .
Beaufort got another away a month later 29th August @ 20p.
Price today above 33p
But in this case you could of bought it below the PB offer price for a few days before the spike ( 15% ) on the 12 July.


Another Primary Bid offer tonight Tuesday… 8.5p… 20% discount .
Cannabidiol ( “CBD”) operation being started .

Appears to have gone well “strong demand” they had hoped for 1.3 million they got 1.56 million.
Price range 8.38p to 9.48p


Took off today not to long a wait shot up 12% to 12 p


AIM … Its back down to 8.5p today even with Osborne’s standard having pages and pages about Cannabis every day this week.
The guy has odd morals its also backing borris after he caused his political demise .


Placing at 6.9p… RNS…7am… 345,000.
Share dropped below it to 6.75p.


After reading the concerns below from lse site .
Still went for a gamble which lifted @ 5.5p ( 50% deal ) Which was daft in hindsight as buys @ 4.8p around 2pm .

Posts of mine below of interest to me Feb 2017.

( 11th Feb 2017 ) Its the one “Edik’s” Army guy was in .
( 19th Feb 2017 below ) i posted …Has anyone any detail / views on proactive investor.
They have commented on this share many times recently are they rampers ?

RNS 7am Chairman & C.E.O…Robert Price resigned today.
( lse bb furious with him claims hes a crook ?? )

A later statement from company midday informing giving up mining business , to concentrate on cannabis one !! ( Zoetic )
Apparently the outgoing chairman might buy the mining business .

Below was put up on blog site after recent placing. 19th August @ 6.9p .

Having written a piece just three weeks ago about Highlands Natural Resources (HNR) and the likelihood of it needing more cash very soon, todays news of a placing didn’t really come as much of a surprise to me.

Although I had wondered if it would manage to obtain funding from elsewhere, especially in light of the fact that the AGM statement mentions that it has an undrawn banking facility of $500,000.

I do often wonder if some of these placings are done to keep larger private investors happy and give them a chance to flip the placing stock though, given that the placing was for just £354,000 – via the issue of 5.13 million shares at 6.9p – and was placed with ‘a group of high net worth individuals’, via Optiva Securities. I’d be very interested to know if this group approached the company and offered funds (as opposed to being offered the placing), and whether any of them held short positions prior to doing so!

What seems even more strange is that none of the 5p warrants that are currently outstanding and expire in March 2020 were exercised whilst they were in the money, as that would easily have provided the funds that the company needs.

Of these 5p warrants, 27.8 million are in the hands of undisclosed parties, along with CEO Robert Price holding 23.75 million of them, so he could easily have added to his existing holding of 12 million shares, which equated to 8.42% prior to the latest dilution.

On a more positive note, the company does seem to be attempting to reduce costs, having put into place measures to save $65,000 per month, including the disposal of some mineral leases, including all of its Utah project. That still means though that based on previous financial statement, it would be burning through close to £400,000 per month.

Taking that into consideration it seems even more strange that it would have raised just £354,000, as that doesn’t even cover a months operational costs, and it states that the funds will be used to ‘accelerate the marketing and development of Zoetic’s products in both the US and UK’.

This all seems very strange to me, as if the company was close to becoming cash flow positive from its Zoetics CBD products, and only needed this amount of money to bridge the gap, then why didn’t it drawn down from its $500,000 bank facility rather than opting for a dilutive placing? It makes very little sense to me, and if anything reinforces my view that it may have been pushed into doing this placing.

The AGM today saw a resolution voted through allowing the board to allot up to 142 million shares over the next 15 months, or the equivalent of 100% of the existing share capital.

At the end of my last piece I concluded that the company should be avoided at a share price of 7.5p as a discounted placing was on the way.

Given the way that the fundraising has been carried out though, and questions over how long it will be before it needs further funds, I wouldn’t be rushing to invest and the market seems to have taken a negative view on today’s news as the share price is currently 6.3p on the ask.


Can not see any news or price info this site.
Name change copyed from lse site might be reason .

Oil and gas group-turned-cannabidiol maker Highlands Natural Resources announced that from today it will trade under its new name, Zoetic International.
The Denver-based company is now focusing on its rapidly expanding business to make CBD products – though perhaps it failed to notice that ‘Highlands’ was a name already well-placed for cannabis-inspired punning. Shares fell 3.1 per cent, or 0.15p, to 4.7p.

Appears big fall today -13% to 4.36p ( not sure that is the case lse not showing it )

No Zoetic BB on this site. ( price info no change )


Zoe / HNR.
Droped even more today to 4.25p looks like this sector faling out of favour of late .
Gwph has even been falling .


You can not get page up on search .
Topped up 44% deal … @ 4.4p
Not sure you can trust the low i saw of 4.36p on 13th two weeks back.
I think this is the low.


Sold that traunch back @ 8.3 p.
Maybe things are turning just as I’m getting fed up with it.
See I was cautious again!!!
Heading towards 9.5p at close .


Interesting article by progressive equity research
Probably sponsored but a comprehensive run down on this now fledgling company at the beginning of its journey. Lots of hurdles to jump in terms of developing the business but at least it still has revenue from its legacy business of natural resources! Still under the ticker of HNRon ii.
Good luck if you’re in.


Sold on a 10% rise today limit 10p it lifted 10.1 … id say a good sign .
Heard in background some sort of discussion on LBC about safety of cannabis its affect on greater mental health issues outweighing any benefit .


Bit late to the party, bought in at about 8. Been going Steadily up since. Health issues are either not believed or ignored by users. What is important is that painful symptoms, physical or mental are relieved by cbd. Accordingly people will readily purchase the product. And the Femiseed business also seems to be a winner. Let’s see where #ZOE goes next. Current view is that I’ll top up on weakness as I’ve only got a modest holding to start with.


Looked like a mistake on 29th October as this kept going higher … but not now 27days on
@ 7.55p… 8.5 % fall today but spread is 6.67 %


Numbers not announced in Trading update so Market doesn’t like it. Whatever promise the company is showing (and it is still very early stage) the lack of numbers will make the market nervous. Maybe a good time to top up. Good luck.



HI theprior

Are you adding ?


Missed the low this morning, so, not now. I’ll see where it goes over the next few days.


29th October 2019 sale @ 10.1p looks a good move two months on despite it hitting 12.5p on 11th November 2019 .
Now back @ 6.3p