Firstly can I say I still think the market has this wrong.

What they are saying I
bicycles and mobility will be up .
Last year this was 874 k so lets take a modest increase to 900k.

Sports and leisure will be a touch down. it was 1452000 so lets take 1250000

I am still getting over 2 million and EPS ahead of last year.

If EPS comes in at the same 34p the shares are on 4 x on my re calculated 40p they are on about 3.5 times.

As usual a note of caution going forward but that’s bull ( be interesting to see if options are granted)…as they have a full year from the new business.
The only headwind is USD v CABLE …but that can be covered by vastly reduced shipping costs and devaluation of the local currency.
I can see some money is being spent on developing the on line direct marketing part of the business which is wise and will reap rewards going forward.

I reduce my full year forecast from 60p eps to 50p eps ( this current trading year)

I shall therefore be buying on any further weakness.
That is once the market settles down as it was 105/145p 30 mins ago which is unacceptable.

Any views tiger?