VOD & Virgin Media strike new Mobile Deal



Maybe of interest, today’s RNS as below seems positive news for VOD holders. SP responding accordingly. Currently over 164 after seeing resistance at circa 163 for the past few months.

Get past 163 with volume & the next hurdle likely to be circa 170. That level last seen intraday in December 2018, after which the SP retreated sharply, so it looks like another resistance level. But maybe things will be different this time? Hard call either way as so much can happen on a global level. Half-year results out on 12th November likely to be key. - GLA.


Broker overview from Hargreaves Lansdown:

The current yield is 4.94%, even after a nasty cut earlier this year.

The broker forecasts are very positive, but do they know any better than me? Whilst acknowledging that there are problems in India, equally I see that VOD is investing in its future capacity and think that the picture looks good. Since August the sp has appreciated from around 50p to around 60p+ now. Although it is only in the UK, the tie in by Virgin is a positive move.

My feel is that VOD has the possibility of further sp appreciation. I have been slowly adding this year but I think I shall ramp up my contributions now.

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