Volume say placing shares have entered market already



According to the 25th July 2019 , placing shares to be admitted to trading on or around 25 August 2019 . Well volume has slowed ever since that announcement with the SP dropping from 2.07p /share down to 1.10p /share when Mr.Colin Bird did a sneaky but logical top up .

Leaving the way clear for news regarding Omnia progress at Guy Fawkes area , hard rock update along with Fair Brides progress and newest of all stage three at Kalengwa Copper project in Zambia . With Stage 1 and 2 already announced within 35 days of the 90 day due diligence Kalegwa progress appears to be on steroids .

Not forgetting we’re in Q£ 2019 of alluvial production by Sino 2 within the Manica prospect with favourable weather along with less overburden in the Chicken farm area along with higher grades . So thanks to the placing shares I’ve manage to buy a couple trading tranches in recent weeks and look forwards to forthcoming Market Cap increase .
Certainly had some hefty buys in recent days and as the saying goes follow the money not the paid de-rampers , MM or even chat sites with only one constant poster … who’s making money reading XTR , RNS’s , listening to pod casts and of course in touch with CaptainBob of ( L.S.E.) and listening to one of a few respected posters on other chat sites but generally do my own thing … :slight_smile: … oh aye , making money … :slight_smile: :slight_smile: